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What Does Chronic Prostatitis Bring To Men At The Age Of 40?

The age of “buhuo” in Chinese means The age of 40. When men are at the age of 40, they are more likely to face the trouble of prostatitis, which is a common disease in male urogenital health. Having prostatitis is a rather grievous experience for middle-aged males. 


What does chronic prostatitis bring to men at the age of 40?



Prostate health for male individuals is particularly significant , which is mainly in charge of the man's urination function. If there is a problem related to it, urination will not be smooth, accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, dribbling and pain, hugely affect the man's life. 


Middle-aged patients with prostatitis often wake up suddenly at midnight due to a urge to urinate. They often have to go to the toilet for several time, which seriously impact their sleep time and the following spirit.


Additionally, the male bladder seems to take the blame for many problems related to the urinary system when middle-aged patients feel uncomfortable. Accordingly, they often ignore the prostate problems. If left untreated for too long, it will bring about the occurrence of prostatic hyperplasia symptom thereby, which will make the urine unable to be discharged thoroughly each time. 


When there is urine reflux, it will hurt the kidneys and then lead to chronic nephritis piece by piece. Having chronic nephritis without treatment can further induce uremia, which is more harmful to the kidneys.


The prostate gland plays an important role in the male urinary system and is responsible for the major component of sperm. Once you prostate gland gets inflamed, it will affect the composition of the prostatic fluid it secretes. It can damage the testicular system and decrease sperm motility, and prostatitis may occur in people at the proper time to have a baby. In many cases, male friends with prostatitis are facing the dilemma of infertility.


In the even that you are unfortunately diagnosed with prostatitis, getting a timely treatment is always what you need to do right now, to avoid it from developing into chronic prostatitis. In this case, things will be more refractory. 


Fortunately, a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to patients with chronic prostatitis, which has a wonderful effect on working off inflammation and improving male urogenital system. It incurs no side effects, so for middle-aged men, it can be taken with no concerns.



Besides a proper and timely treatment, there are several tips that can be helpful for patients to better prevent prostatitis as well as its aggravation. To begin with, drinking water is the easiest way to prevent prostatitis, and it is also the most effective one. Regular water drinking will increase the frequency of urination, which can remove the bacteria around the prostate gland, avoid prostate infection and limit the growth of bacteria. 


Besides, males lyingin bed or sitting for a long time may also incur prostatitis. Middle-aged males should avoid these bad habits and make use of the rest time at ordinary times to go out for more exercise. A healthy body can not live without scientific exercise, which can fully relax the body and reduce the pressure caused by sitting for too long.


Likewise, sexual life is indispensable for middle-aged males. But the frequency of sexual behaviors should be controlled in a moderate range. Don't indulge yourself in it or absolutely abstain from it. Regular sexual life is beneficial to both men and women.



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