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Experiencing Abnormal Urination For A Long Time, Beware Of Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a very common disease in men. Doctors point out that the occurrence of chronic prostatitis in men is not separate from many internal and external factors, such as career, daily habits, sexual behaviors, surrounding, urinary tract infection, and adjacent chronic inflammations.


If you are experiencing abnormal urination for a long period of time beware of chronic prostatitis. Commonly, when a patient with chronic prostatitis is urinating, he will have a burning sensation, accompanied by frequent and urgent symptoms of urination. 



Clinically, in the acute phase, many patients may urinate more than five times an hour, but the amount of urine may not be much than usual. In the chronic phase, symptoms including frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination will persist for a long time.


Patients with chronic prostatitis may have cloudy urine with a smelly odor. Sometimes they may have visible hematuria, which often occurs at the later stage. Pain and discomfort may likewise breakout at the same time, including lumbago, perineal pain, and other discomforts. 


In the event that the patient's bladder is full, perineal pain will occur at the same time. But they can get relieved after urinating. So it's important to urinate in time. Holding back your urine too often is bad for your bladder and can cause many diseases in urinary system.


As a result of suffering from a variety of symptoms for a long time, the patient's mental state will be greatly affected. They tend to feel tired and have nervous fatigue, which will lead to impetuosity, insomnia and other symptoms. That is to say, don't hesitate to see a doctor if you feel you are totally out of condition.


As for male individuals, suffering from chronic prostatitis is a surely terrible thing, which is always suggested to be treated in time. So what remedial methods can be recommended to patients with chronic prostatitis?


Generally speaking, antibiotic therapy is a relatively common method for patients with acute prostatitis. They can choose the appropriate antibiotics on ground of the results of the examination. In this case, you should always follow your doctor's advice and don't take medicine blindly.


If the antibiotics and other drugs you are using are ineffective, or you are suffer from repeated attacks of chronic prostatitis, it may be the result of drug resistance. Taking antibiotics has the potential to make your body resistant to them. 



If this is the case, antibiotics should be stopped in time, and you can take Traditional Chinese medicine for your rehabilitation. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option for patients with chronic prostatitis, which has no drug resistance and can be taken with other chemical medicine simultaneously.


When the prostatitis has developed to a certain extent, it is necessary to have an operation. It is not always the first option due to its risk. In general, surgical treatment is used for chronic prostatitis caused by bladder-neck obstruction or bladder calculi. Patients in this case may have unbearable pain, so that they have to do the surgery in time.


During and after the treatment, patients should keep good habits to avoid the aggravation of the disease. For example, drinking more water is a simple and useful method. They can increase the amount of water to increase the volume of urine. 


Further, they should have more rest in daily life and pay more attention to the balance of nutrition. Spicy foods should be avoided. After all, keeping good living habits and eating habits is always what you should do when you are fighting against a disease. If you do so for a long time, you will end in a better body health.



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