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The Sexual Life Attention Items Of Prostatitis Patients

Prostatitis do harm to the male sexual life to some extent. Male individuals suffering from prostatitis may avoid having sexual intercourse because they are afraid that this will do harm to their treatments or they may transfer their diseases to their sexual partners.

As a matter of fact, not all patients with prostatitis should avoid have the sexual life, it usually depends on the types of prostatitis people have. There are several attention items that patients with prostatitis are supposed to know when it comes to their sexual life.


Male friends have acute bacterial prostatitis cannot have sex until all symptoms have been improved and disappeared, they must wait for a month until their body get recovered from the disease, then they can have sex with others.

For male patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome, namely chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, they should avoid having sexual life when the symptoms occur. But they are encouraged to have sexual intercourse to excrete of prostatic fluid when symptoms do not come up, and they should use condoms to protect their partners.

Patients with acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis need to avoid an excessive frequency of sexual life. Frequent sexual life will lead to excessive and longtime congestive of the prostate, which may influence the treatment effect on male patients with prostatitis.

Also, male patients need to take a shower and keep their sex organs clean. Doctors point out that bathing in a tub with hot water can speed up the prostate blood circulation and help inflammation subsided.

Male individuals need to suspend sexual intercourse once they feel pain during sex. Remember, intercourse pain is an obvious sign of prostatitis. Patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis are supposed to control the times of intercourse, the process of each intercourse cannot last too long, and their actions should be gentle.

In general, once prostatitis gets totally cured, it will not influence the daily sexual life of male patients. Unluckily, it is usually very difficult to cure prostatitis without recurrence, and many male patients have to suffer from this annoying disease for more than a year, even decades.

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