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Why Are Long-distance Bus Drivers Prone To Prostatitis?

Prostatitis can be caused by many factors such as bacterial infection and unhealthy living habits. In daily life, it is reported that bus drivers tend to have prostatitis, especially long-distance bus drivers. Why?



Anatomically, the prostate is located between the bladder and urethra, which is a fragile organ. Long-distance bus driving will make the prostate gland compressed, causing metabolic waste accumulation, low blood circulation speed, and then blocking the prostate gland tube. That prostatic fluid excretion becomes not smooth can incur chronic prostatic hyperemia, thus resulting in prostatitis.


Doctors suggest that male friends need to make time for physical activities every 2 hours of vehicle driving, keep regular life and work and rest, and avoid staying up late. When driving, keep adequate ventilation, adjust the driver's seat, and change the posture on a regular basis. Meanwhile, be safe on the way.


Analogously, male friends should notice long-term cycling. Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly sport, improving physical fitness and enhancing the physique, and grasping the degree. Long time riding can cause perineal numbness, resulting in compression of perineal blood vessels and nerves. Because of the contraction, it can cause various discomforts, such as local numbness or pain.


Also, long-term cycling can increase testicular temperature, affect sperm quality and testosterone secretion, reduce sperm quantity and fertility. Therefore, male friend should control the daily riding time within one hours. Likewise, men suffering from chronic prostatitis are not suggested to ride for too long, to avoid aggravating the disease.


What’s more, long-time riding or driving also leads you to hold urine, which is bad for your bladder health. The bladder is the organ for storing urine. When the urine is fulfilled to a certain degree, the bacteria can retrograde into the prostate through the prostate gland, resulting in prostate infection and prostatitis.



In clinical practice, when prostatitis is associated with bacterial and pathogenic microorganism infection, its main symptoms are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and high fever, occasionally accompanied by acute urinary retention and difficult urination. 


Prostatitis can break out back and forth if treated incompletely, leading to chronic prostatitis thereby. In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate your signs and improve your immunity and self-healing ability to prevent this disease from recurring again. It features no side effects or drug resistance. So it is widely used in clinical practice.


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