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Does Physical Therapy Work Well On Chronic Prostatitis?

In clinical practice, physical therapies have been widely adopted to solve various diseases. The most commonly used basic principle in physical therapy is the thermal effect, which can improve blood circulation, strengthen the nourishment of local tissues, accelerate the absorption and clearance of inflammatory products, very conducive to the dissipation of inflammation and amelioration of symptoms.


When people experience dysmenorrhea or low back acid, they will use hot water bags to heat up, which is not new. But it is understood that the nature of these physical therapies is mostly thermal effect, and the scope of its thermal effect is mostly inaccurate. 



Physical therapy on chronic prostatitis


Just like a warm sitz bath, physical therapy can increase the blood circulation of prostate tissue, accelerate metabolism, help to eliminate inflammation and tissue edema, relieve pelvic floor muscle spasm, and to a certain extent, it is conducive to the recovery.


For chronic prostatitis, it is generally believed that the thermal effect of 44 degree Celsius can increase the blood circulation of tissues, enhance the metabolism of cells, and promote the dissipation of tissue inflammation.


But the temperature of the male scrotum is usually 2 to 3 degrees lower than the body temperature, at which the sperm can generate normally. Because of this, the thermal effect of too high temperature will damage the spermatogenic function of men. In addition, the thermal effects of these physical therapy instruments are usually generated by some electromagnetic waves.


Some electromagnetic waves have a certain ability of penetration and contain certain energy, so they can have special applications. And the electromagnetic wave of this physical therapy must be penetrating. Or, it is impossible to reach the prostate, but if the location is not accurate, it means that it may radiate to the testis, produce a harmful electromagnetic effect, and damage the spermatogenic function of the testis.


If the thermal effect works during the treatment of chronic prostatitis, you can learn actually have a simple, convenient and economical way: putting the hot water bag on the abdomen can make the thermal effect on the prostate to a certain extent, and there is no need to worry about the impact on testicular spermatogenic function.


While notice, the use of any kind of heat effect treatment is only an auxiliary treatment for chronic aseptic prostatitis, and can not replace drug treatment. It is generally believed that short-term hyperthermia with lower temperatures may not have much effect on testicular spermatogenesis and may be reversible.



In the event that you are worried about your spermatogenic function, there is a simple way to detect it. It is to monitor the semen routine for two or three times continuously in one or two spermatogenic cycles after the treatment. If it is abnormal, the cause should be analyzed.


The natural formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is not only safe and effective but also can improve the internal environment of the urogenital system and eliminate discomfort and urinary issues. Furthermore, it can also help patients improve the immunity, so as to achieve the effect of clearing lesions and reducing symptoms. It is a nicely suitable option for male patients with chronic prostatitis.


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