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What Is It Like To Use Antibiotic Treatment On Patients With Chronic Prostatitis?

A fraction of men may be not conscious of the existence of prostatitis while other men might regard prostatitis as a certain type of inflammation. When there is inflammation, it is normal to think that it is needed to eliminate the problem by taking antibiotics. 


But what is it like to use antibiotic treatment on patients with chronic prostatitis? Does it really assist in treating male body?



According to a report these days, some specialists in Japan have divided patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis into two groups. The first group was treated with antibiotics and the other one with non-antibiotics. The results show that there is no significant difference between these two groups. This shows that the effect of antibiotics in treatment is not obvious.


A dollop of truth is that chronic non-bacterial prostatitis has a larger lineup. As the most common prostatitis, this type (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) accounts for approximately 90% of all prostatitis patients in clinical practice.


Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, as the term implies, it has the symptoms without occurrence of pathogenic bacteria, which generally do not need antibiotics to set the pace in treating patients.


In the era of past, there has been a new consensus on the concept of prostatitis in the medical field: in the past, the treatment of chronic prostatitis was centered on anti-infection and focused on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs; but now efforts was made to improve symptoms and the life quality of patients.


To sum up, it is not difficult to learn that chronic nonbacterial prostatitis need not be treated by antibiotics. So this method must be used with caution. There is a saying in academia that antibiotics have retreated from the main camp of chronic prostatitis treatment, and become less important, or even unnecessary. Be cautious.


In good conscience, the treatment of chronic prostatitis mainly orients to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve the quality of life. The degree of remission of symptoms is the main basis for evaluating the therapeutic effect of chronic prostatitis.


Generally speaking, traditional Chinese medicine, α-receptor blockers and other chemical drugs feature good efficacy in relieving symptoms, so patients should seek for proper treatment when the plan is at issue.



Among these choices, an herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended as it helped plenty of patients achieve a contented recovery. It is effective especially for male experiencing chronic prostatitis. 


Simply speaking, the main function of this medicine is to soften the hard lumps and dispel the nodes, to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, to clear heat and to detoxify the male body. 


Further, it can wreck various kinds of bacteria and diminish the inflammation. The medicine gives the satisfactory results to the patients. Therefore, it can incessantly improve local inflammatory milieu, restore the balance of immune system, and strengthen self-healing ability to prevent the relapse of chronic prostatitis. So it is fit to pull you through.

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