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What Make Patients With Prostatitis Prone To Psychological Disorders?

A health body can collapse because of a small disease in it. The continuous and changeable symptoms of chronic diseases seriously affect patients' life and cause obvious mental and psychological burdens, such as the chronic prostatitis.


prostatitis and mental problems

Generally speaking, tension is a major feature of patients with prostatitis. The patients with psychological barriers can have insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, inability to concentrate, decreased energy, low mood, fatigue, anxiety and depression. 


Patients may wonder whether they have venereal disease or an incurable disease. There are even symptoms of nerve system dysfunction such as suicidal tendencies. The long term course of the disease aggravates the anxiety and tension of the patients, accompanied by a decline in physical status and a weakening of social ability. 


These psychological factors can make chronic prostatitis complex, difficult to treat or easy to relapse in turn. Over time, patients will be prone to psychological disorders. Generally speaking, the causes of psychological disorders are as follows.


1.Clinical symptoms of chronic prostatitis. 


Chronic prostatitis is really difficult to cure. The pain of the treatment and the course of the disease cause serious psychological reaction. In addition, some patients have prominent psychological abnormality and unexplained sexual dysfunction after prostatitis is cured or denied existence of prostatitis.


2.Disposition of the patients. 


Suppose the patients who are introverted, sensitive, suspicious or neurotic suffer from disease or abnormal feeling, they will be worried all the time, and difficult to accept others' suggestions and explanations. Conversely, optimistic people are willing to deal with problems no matter what's going to happen.


3.Being deficient in common sense about medicine and disease. 


Some patients with prostatitis are afraid if they have sexually transmitted disease, or worry about the possibility of fertility, or even fear if prostatitis may turn into cancer. If you know the disease well, you don’t need to think about things like cancer anymore.


prostatitis and mental problems

4.Financial loss.


Curing illness costs you time and energy, and most obviously it costs your money. Especially for chronic diseases, the long-time treatment and battle keep consuming patients’ capital. Long process of chronic prostatitis and the high treatment demand of patients will cause financial losses. When you feel you are deficient in money, you will be anxious and nervous.


5.Social relationship. 


If you are bothered by chronic prostatitis, your unstable condition will affect the family harmony and your social relationship with other people. Due to your painful symptoms, you may carelessly give vent to your negative emotions at their presence. As a result, the worse relationship makes you anxious again. 


The negative effects of chronic illness can eat away at your patience and confidence, leaving you unable to control your spirit and strength. In order to reverse this, you need some psychological guidance. At the same time, you must insist on treatment. In this case, it is recommended that you take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis, which can help to lift your heart, unclog blood vessels, improve inflammation and pain, thus helping to relieve your anxious state.

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