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Mind! Long-term Abstinence Bring About Chronic Prostatitis


Like with most urinary problems, prostatitis is usually described as an inflammation of the prostate gland. It can affect men of all ages, becoming the common disease among the urology patients. Generally speaking, it can only be an inflammation with no overt signals of infection.


prostatitis and abstinence

According to the survey, roughly one in ten patients with prostatitis are caused by bacterial infection. For creatures, sex is a normal physiological reaction, maintaining a good habit of sexual life can bring into a better mood, this is absolutely advantageous for human beings, especially for patients-a perfect combination of physical and mental condition. Conversely, if abstinence persists for a long time, it will be likely to bring about chronic prostatitis.


Commonly, prostatitis can be a result due to the frequent sexual intercourse that leads to congestion. However, doctors also point out that if men are in the condition of sexual inhibition, then their natural instinct of sex cannot be released normally, the congested blood and swollen condition in the prostate will break out again. If the abstinence lasts for a long time, chronic prostatitis may be incurred.


As for this case, some professionals once performed a research among people with long-term sexual inhibition and found they preferred to have a weak on the immune ability with a decrease white blood cells, meanwhile, following these symptoms like anxiety and depression in sex, irritation and others psychological problems. These signs show clearly they are related with abstinence. Take male friends for an instance, as for them, owing to the long-term abstinence, the chronic prostatitis can be aroused to a certain degree.


In addition, doctors add that some other factors may cause the congested blood condition and finally result in prostatitis, such as eating spicy food, being void of water, less urination, being sedentary, smoking, drinking alcohol, no physical exercises, and so on.


prostatitis and abstinence

These factors is the same with the abstinence. Once when the prostatitis is induced, the corresponding symptoms will occur such as frequent urge to urinate, an increased urinary frequency and urgency, painful urination, difficult in urinating, requirement of urination at night, painful perineum, sexual dysfunction, painful ejaculation and so forth.


Therefore, with the purpose of making the prostate recover to a healthy condition, patients may as well cure the disease through the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This is a great option for chronic inflammations in urogenital system, ranging over chronic prostatitis, chronic epididymitis, orchitis and seminal vesiculitis.


Technically, the herbal medicine has an overt advantage over the chemical treatment, which is that it lead to no side effects after taking it for a long period of time. Since it is made from pure herbal ingredients and all these stuff are well selected and tested. So the pill is one hundred percent safe and effective. If you follow the treatment rules, you will be treated for sure.



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