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Three Main Common Methods Treat Male’s Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a male disease that has a bearing on the prostate gland. As for male friends, this gland is so important because the prostatic fluid is an important part of semen. This fluid can provide energy to sperm and keep the quality of sperm in men.

However, if you have inflammation in you prostate gland, the fluid also features inflammation, so the quality of sperm can be affected. Hence, you have to value this disease and receive timely treatment if you have this disease.
So, how to cure prostatitis? This might be the question asked by larger number of patients, but because of the high relapse rate, this still is the problem waiting for us to solve.
Now, with the development of modern medicine, prostatitis patients don't have to bear this disease no more. Prostatitis can be treated mainly by three methods, ranging over antibiotics, painkillers, and herbal medicine.
Antibiotic treatment is one of the most common treatments of prostatitis. The curative effect of antibiotic is excellent. Acute prostatitis can be cured within one week. However, just like a coin have two sides. Antibiotic also has its weaknesses. Antibiotic cannot cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, so chronic nonbacterial prostatitis has to seek for other treatments.
Painkiller is also a traditional treatment of prostatitis. As is known, roughly 90% of prostatitis is chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, but this kind cannot be cured by antibiotic, so men have to take pain killer to release their pains and symptoms. However, this treating method cannot cure this disease from the root and when the medicine stops, pain will appear too.
Herbal medicine isn't a traditional treatment. Actually it is an alternative treatment. Herbal medicine is very useful. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has many awesome functions such as promoting blood circulation and qi clearing away heat and toxic materials, dissipating hard lumps and dissolving stasis and releasing pain. This herbal pill has no side effects and drug resistance as well. 
There also are many other home remedies for men to learn. Although those adjuvant remedies cannot cure this disease, it will enhance the curative effect and reduce the treating course. Usually, these items include sitz bath, drinking lots of water, changing their underwear everyday and clearing the vulva everyday.
To sum up, prostatitis can be cured by many ways. You can choose one or two according to your health condition. prostatitis can be cured by many ways. If needed, you can choose one or two according to your health condition. Good luck to you.
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