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How Come Long-term Sitting Leads To Prostatitis?

The effect of sitting for a long time on the body is very significant. The trouble with sitting for too long is that people often feel back pain after sitting for a whole day. In addition, men may not know that sitting is also a major cause of prostatitis. Why is that?


Doctors point out that it depends on the degree of hardness and softness of the seat. Too hard bench will increase the compression of the pelvic organs, which will cause pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and prostate congestion after a long time, and then lead to prostatitis.



An over-soft sofa can make a man's entire hips deeply stuck, which also increases the intensity of extrusion. Besides that, the temperature of testis cannot be adjusted normally as scrotum is surrounded by compression, so that the temperature of testis is increased and the reproductive function is affected. Therefore, if the sofa is too soft in your home, put a little harder cushion on it.


Also, it may be related to the temperature of the seat. The prostate is very sensitive to temperature. The cold stimulation can make the pelvic floor muscle spasms and induce prostatitis. So, when men walk and exercise outdoors, do not just sit on the cold bench after getting tired. In addition, Testicular can't stand hot.


When the temperature is over 36 degrees Celsius, it will lower sperm quality and affect reproductive function. So, it's better for male to avoid the hot spots such as saunas and shower room.


More obviously, the cause of prostatitis is associated with the long time of sitting. Generally speaking, sitting for a long time can affect not only the health of the prostate but also the physiological function of men in daily life. According to statistics, men who sit for more than three hours per day are much more likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who sit for less than one hour per day.


Likewise, male friends should avoid holding urine. Sitting for long periods of time with a full bladder can easily lead to prostatitis. Long term suppresses of the urine can inflate the bladder, which will increase local pressure, result in poor blood flow, aggravate prostate edema, cause urination disorder, or even induce acute urinary retention.


In addition, holding urine for a long time can also keep the bacteria in the urethra from being washed away, and the breeding of bacteria will lead to urinary tract infections.



As a result, it's important to keep a good habit and stay away from sedentary and holding urine. Also, patients with prostatitis should find proper treatment in time. Luckily, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a nice option for male friends to have a try.


This herbal medicine is a great treatment that helps male patients solve painful problems caused by prostatitis, and it leads to no side effects during the treatment. So it is more effective in treating chronic prostatitis and makes sure patients get a complete cure.


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