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Why Is Sexual Abstinence Unfit For Men With Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a male disease caused by many factors, of which excessive sex is a key one. You may be advised to avoid having sex when you are bothered by prostatitis. But you should also notice that sexual abstinence is unfit for men with prostatitis. Why is that?

Doctors states that the persistent congestion in the prostate gland may give rise to prostatitis eventually, and the same is true of sexual abstinence. It is showed that many men with sexual abstinence tend to have sexual anxiety, low energy and low immunity, and they may become more irritable and impatient than usual. In this case, they are more likely to get prostatitis.
Furthermore, when these men are experiencing bad emotions, some bad habits may satisfy their inner requirements. So they have been more addicted to alcohol, tobacco and stimulating food. All of these thing can irritate the prostate gland, making it more likely to get congested and causing prostatitis.
Accordingly, having sexual abstinence isn't a good decision. And sometimes, it may lead to lower sexual desire and some sexual dysfunction, and even infertility in men. Actually, both indulging yourself in sex and abstaining from sex are bad for human body and can induce prostatitis. Your sexual life must be moderate and healthy. Proper masturbation is also allowed for those who haven't had sexual intercourse.
In addition to some details of sexual behaviors, many unhealthy habits in daily life should also be noticed, which can easily lead to prostatitis. For example, sitting for too long, holding back urine too often, paying less attention to personal hygiene, and so on. 
When a man is diagnosed with prostatitis, he will have some painful symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, difficulty and burning when urinating, fever, fatigue, vomiting and others. His sexual experience will also be deeply affected. These symptoms may put huge mental press on him. So if suffering from prostatitis, getting treatment in time is a necessary decision.
With a view to make the prostate gland back to a healthy state, many patients are likely to choose traditional Chinese medicine to get treated. Commonly, a herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be a nice option of treating prostatitis, which is safe and effective, and can improve man's reproductive system.
Treating prostatitis needs male friends to be patient and confident, and you should pay much attention to your nursing work after you get cured, since the prostatitis is easy to relapse due to some bad habits. Also, you should also have a scientific and nourishing diet. Doing more exercise and going out to breathe fresh air are conductive to your health. Nothing will fail you if you keep at it. You will get better anyway.

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