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Three Key Points Related to Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Chronic Prostatitis

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of the penis to consistently obtain or maintain sufficient erection to achieve satisfactory intercourse for at least 6 months. It belongs to the category of "impotence" and "premature ejaculation" of Traditional Chinese medicine

Chronic prostatitis is the most common urinary system disease in young and middle-aged men under 50. Its clinical manifestations include pain symptoms, changes in urination, abnormal sexual function, neuropsychiatric symptoms, etc. This disease belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine "turbid semen", "stranguria", "whiteying" and other categories, which is disturbed by dampness and heat, Qi stagnation and blood stasis, kidney deficiency.
Causes of Chronic Prostatitis with Erectile Dysfunction
The cause of erectile dysfunction caused by chronic prostatitis is mainly due to the fact that the prostate appears obvious symptoms, including urine frequency and urgency, pain in urine, abdomen, and perineum area under the belly, and even the unwell symptom, such as ache, which can lead to chronic prostatitis with erectile dysfunction in the process of sex or the effects of intentional rational before erection. If the patient has prostatitis and often has abnormal erections, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination to determine whether other factors are causing abnormal erections.
1. Neural factors
Prostate and penile erection, ejaculation-related blood vessels and nerves in the anatomy research have a close relationship. And the verumontanum part of the prostate is abundant in nerves, which is the occurrence of high sexual excitement of the sexy area. And prostatitis can change the excitability of the regional nerve, leading to increased sensitivity and resulting in premature ejaculation or verumontanitis. Furthermore, the verumontanum part of the prostate can also reduce its excitability to delay or doesn’t ejaculate.
2. Anatomical factors
Prostatitis can cause pelvic pain and urethral stimulation, and many patients, after the sexual life, think the regional symptoms will be aggravated, and therefore they refuse to sexual life. Prostatitis can cause verumontanitis, make partial patients appear ejaculation pain and refuse sexual life.
3. Psychological factors
That prostatitis will probably lead to a variety of sexual dysfunction are psychological factors. This is because of the excessive attention to prostatitis that causes psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety and fear, resulting in patients who have no interest in sex. In the hands of low sexual desire and impotence about prostatitis, they fear that prostatitis will influence the lover, so they dare not have sex. Patients with prostatitis should be proper to have sexual intercourse once or two a week. Long-term stress makes testosterone, adrenocortical hormone, dopamine and other estrous substances decreased and leads to sexual dysfunction.
If patients with prostatitis can adhere to treatment in a timely and long-term period, erectile dysfunction can be restored. But if the degree of the prostatitis gland lesions is more serious, the recovery function is relatively slow and the course of treatment is relatively long. Functional recovery is closely related to the patient's condition.
In daily life, however, many patients regard the rehabilitation of erectile dysfunction as the only standard of treatment, which will lead to deviate in the treatment of patients. Patients with chronic prostatitis always the pursuit of recovery of erectile dysfunction will abandon the key points. In this case, some patients use tonic medicine to tonify the kidney and impotence. Some patients take sexual health care products directly to improve their functional recovery.
According to the above information, chronic prostatitis with erectile dysfunction needs medicine treatment. And herbal medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill can be a better consideration. It will not cause any side effects to the body, and produce drug-resistance, and is beneficial to our kidney to the extent.
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