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Is Blind Anti-inflammatory Useful for Chronic Prostatitis?

The prostate is a vital organ for men. It is also very fragile and easily affected to cause problems. The most common one is prostatitis. Prostatitis is divided into two types: acute and chronic. When most men talk about prostatitis, they think of anti-inflammatory methods. Actually, for chronic prostatitis, blindly anti-inflammatory has no effect.



Does blindly use of anti-inflammatory reduce chronic prostatitis inflammation?


Chronic prostatitis refers to inflammation in the prostate, and there are many causes of prostatitis, which are not entirely bacterial. At present, non-bacterial inflammation of chronic prostatitis accounts for 95%.


At present, most people call all medicines that can reduce inflammation. Still, they don't know that some are just pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory, some are glucocorticoids, and some are only directed against bacteria and are indirect anti-inflammatory drugs.


If it is non-bacterial prostatitis, blindly anti-inflammatory will not relieve the symptoms, and it will not eliminate the inflammation in prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis requires other measures to alleviate treatment.


Clinically, more patients choose to receive drug treatment, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, because herbal medicine does not cause side effects on the body. Excessive use of antibiotics can lead to resistance, and herbal medication avoids this.


If the disease is aggravated or long-term use of drugs is not completely treated, it is necessary to actively accept surgery. At the same time, do not have too much psychological burden. In the process of treatment, patients should do a good job in life care, do not eat spicy food, quit smoking and drinking, insist on exercise, etc. These can improve resistance, help control inflammation and stabilize the disease.



What should patients do with chronic prostatitis?


1. Symptomatic treatment


As mentioned earlier, there are two types of chronic prostatitis, bacterial and non-bacterial. The symptoms of persistent chronic prostatitis must be clearly understood, and measures are taken according to the cause of the disease to control it from the source and obtain treatment.


2. Keep a bland diet


A spicy and stimulating diet can cause damage to the prostate, leading to increased inflammation. Therefore, patients should maintain a bland diet at ordinary times. Don't aggravate the condition due to temporary indulgence. Eating more foods high in protein, vitamins, and minerals can improve immunity and promote the body's absorption and repair.


3. Avoid excessive sex


Some men will overindulge themselves because they are young and vigorous, and frequent sex will lead to repeated prostate congestion and worsen inflammation, which cannot be effectively controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good sex life, which can be pleasant to the body and mind, not excessive indulgence.


4. Maintain a good lifestyle


At present, most male lifestyle disorders, such as smoking and drinking, overeating, staying up late, are the primary key to the decline of resistance and the problem of the functioning of body organs. If such lifestyles continue to exist in prostatitis, the disease will only be effectively controlled and repeated.


Men should be aware that blindly taking drugs to control chronic prostatitis inflammation cannot be effectively treated. They must first understand the situation before taking measures. In addition, it is necessary to do an excellent job of daily care to prevent the disease from recurring and causing troubles while being controlled.


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