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Will Prostatitis Heal On Its Own? No! Don't Believe Rumors!

It is said that the prostate is one of the golden organs of men, and the prostate secretes prostatic fluid. Prostatic fluid is an indispensable part of semen. Once the prostate has problems, sexual function will also be affected. The semen excretion function will also decrease. Because of this, many men pay attention to it and take various measures to protect the prostate. But during the protection of the prostate, men must know the misunderstandings about the prostate.


What misunderstandings should be avoided in the prevention and treatment of the prostate disease?

1. Prostatitis will heal itself without treatment
Symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, and nocturia can be cured by themselves after they occur. As long as you adjust your lifestyle in a short period, this idea is wrong. Lifestyle adjustment is only an auxiliary method to treat diseases. 
At present, there are many reasons for frequent urination, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatic hypertrophy. Once it occurs, it is necessary to confirm the cause before taking measures and need professional treatment to control the disease and make the symptoms disappear.
For some prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, antibiotic treatment will have a good effect. However, for patients with blocked calcification, antibiotic therapy cannot directly enter the prostate, and the impact that can be achieved is not significant. It takes a long time to take medicine, and it is easy to cause damage to the internal organs.
Injection therapy is suitable for some stubborn prostatitis. Direct injection of the drug into the affected area can play an excellent therapeutic effect. However, this therapy requires high technical requirements, is troublesome to operate, and can easily cause damage to the prostate, so it must be selected when choosing cautious.
Massage therapy: Proper prostate massage for male friends will help prevent the blockage of the prostate duct. However, it will not have a significant therapeutic effect for patients whose pus plugs and calcification have been blocked. It cannot remove the pathogenic body as a method of adjuvant treatment.
Patients can also choose safe and harmless drug therapy: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can reach the male urinary system directly, aiming to treat chronic prostatitis. The main ingredient of Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill is herbal plants, and long-term use will not harm the body. After persisting for some time, the symptoms of the disease can be significantly improved.
2. Problems with the prostate indicate kidney deficiency
In traditional Chinese medicine, there is the concept of kidney deficiency. It is also pointed out that kidney deficiency can cause men to have symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and excessive urination. Therefore, many people associate the prostate problem in Western medicine with kidney deficiency. 
But in fact, the kidney deficiency referred to in Chinese medicine is a kidney disease in Western medicine, that is, some disorders that belong to the kidney, which is different from the prostate. Therefore, the problem of kidney deficiency is not a prostate problem.
3. Long-term bathing in hot springs can harm the prostate
It is often seen in various online science channels that long-term hot springs can harm male reproductive organs, but in fact, the main damaged organs are the testicles. Because the testicles are afraid of heat, high temperatures will kill sperm. Soaking for more than one hour will affect the testicles and reduce the quality of sperm. 
But hot springs do not harm the prostate. On the contrary, hot water can relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances in the prostate. Proper hot springs will protect the prostate.
4. Riding for a long time can harm the prostate
The first thing you touch when riding a bicycle is that the perineum of the body is still a long way away from the prostate, so it will not directly harm the prostate. On the contrary, sitting for a long time without exercise will weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which will oppress the prostate and cause damage to the prostate.
Men who want to protect the prostate must understand some common misunderstandings about the prostate. After all, some men are prone to take the wrong measures because of belief and cause their body to be harmed, making the prostate disease uncontrollable again and again. 
In addition, men must quit smoking and drinking in your daily life and maintain a light diet. After all, the harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol will harm the prostate and make the prostate disease worse.

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