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Will Chronic Prostatitis be Life-threatening?

Chronic prostatitis is a common male disease in recent years, which affects the everyday life of men. As the condition is not easy to cure, it will worsen over time.

So will chronic prostatitis be life-threatening to patients?

If chronic prostatitis is not treated, along with the common symptoms of the urgency of urination, dysuria, and abdominal pain, it will also cause male sexual dysfunction and male infertility. Although chronic prostatitis is an annoying disease that is difficult to cure, it is generally not life-threatening. However, if patients ignore the symptoms of the disease and do not treat it, it will lead to aggravation of inflammation. It may develop into prostate cancer, which is ultimately life-threatening.
Although the fatality of chronic prostatitis is not high, male friends should still be vigilant because this disease seriously affects the everyday life of men and is difficult to cure. First of all, male friends need to take the following measures to prevent chronic prostatitis.
1. Enhance the body's immunity and resistance against diseases. 
Men should have a regular life, regular work and rest, adhere to proper exercise, and avoid excessive fatigue, unlimited sex life, and excessive drinking.
2. Actively prevent infection. 
Men should pay attention to cleaning the foreskin, glans, penis, and perineum and keep the bowel movement smooth. Males should drink plenty of water, urinate more, and flush the urethra with urine frequently to prevent urinary tract infections.
3. Have a moderate and regular sex life. 
Regular and regular ejaculation can regularly discharge prostatic fluid and promote the continuous renewal of prostatic fluid. Frequent sexual excitement and failure to ejaculate can cause prostatic fluid to stay in the prostate, while excessive sexual life can easily congest the prostate.
Furthermore, even if males are infected with chronic prostatitis, they should not be discouraged but actively receive treatment. In the process of therapy, patients should pay attention to the following aspects to avoid misunderstandings of treatment, delaying the best treatment time, and eventually aggravating the disease or making the inflammation transfer to other parts of the body and becoming life-threatening.
Misunderstanding one: patients firmly believe in the advertisement.
In this case, patients' initial treatment is not to go to a regular hospital first but to believe in those irresponsible, false, and deceptive medical advertisements, radio and TV lectures, and other propaganda. As a result, patients spend a lot of money but fail to relieve the discomfort symptoms that plague them completely.
What patients should do is, while actively cooperating with the doctor in comprehensive and systematic treatment, patients should have a correct understanding of the disease to avoid exaggerating the danger and mystery of the disease and taking the disease lightly.
Misunderstanding two: patients pay too much attention to the test results and underestimate symptoms.
Such patients often mistakenly believe that if test results are abnormal, the disease is severe; if the test results are OK, everything will be fine even if there are symptoms of discomfort. That is a misunderstanding. The results of laboratory tests are essential, but after all, they are used as an additional reference for diagnosing diseases. The results are mainly based on symptoms.
Misunderstanding three: chemical medicine treatment is better than herbal medicine treatment for a faster and more apparent efficacy.
The inflammatory reactions of chronic prostatitis are not caused by bacterial infection of leukocytosis. Conversely, a considerable number of patients tend to be nonbacterial. Nonbacterial prostatitis will not be effectively cured even with antibiotic anti-inflammatory treatment.
Therefore, experts recommend a combination of herbal and chemical medicines. Patients with chronic prostatitis can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has potent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects so that it effectively relieves the pain of patients. At the same time, it has no drug resistance. Compared to antibiotics, it has fewer side effects.
All in all, although chronic prostatitis, like pharyngitis and gastritis, is cured once, it can recur in cases of cold, fatigue, or unhealthy diet. Therefore, patients should improve their daily habits, face chronic diseases optimistically, and avoid disease deterioration.
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