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Do Prostatitis Patients Need Bed Rest?

Prostate disease can significantly impact a person's physical and mental health. If men have a good life and eating habit, they can reduce pressure on the prostate, reduce the symptoms of prostate congestion and exert good impacts on male reproductive health and physical health. Men should have proper physical healthcare of the prostate. Then some men have doubts. 

Do prostatitis patients need bed rest?
Bed rest can effectively reduce outside stimulation of the prostate, which is good for the health care of this organ. Besides, men on bed rest can perform a local massage to promote blood circulation and relieve urinary tract symptoms and pain. These measures can help accelerate the recovery of the disease.
However, lying in bed is sometimes not a good rest method for prostatitis patients. Some patients lie on one side to play mobile phones or games, which may risk causing pressure on the prostate area. And if the quilt is too thick, it will make the air ventilation poor around the prostate, leading to its easy breeding of bacteria and aggravating prostatitis. 
So, patients should lie in the correct position, preferably flat on their backs. Besides, wearing loose clothing to let the crotch breathe is significant. After lying down for some time, get up and walk around for a few minutes. That's good for the patient's health.
Not all men with prostatitis require bed rest. Whether a prostatitis patient requires bed rest can be decided according to the patient's specific situation. If patients are tired, have bed rest. If not tired, patients can walk or do other exercises that are not strenuous.
Many patients with the disease are to do home care. In the treatment of prostatitis, the doctor also instructs the patient to do proper home care. 
In the acute phase, patients should rest in bed until the body temperature recovers to normal or the symptoms are relieved. It is necessary to follow the doctor's advice to take standardized medicines. Patients should adhere to medication together with treating other genitourinary inflammation, which can effectively avoid the recurrence of prostatitis.
Keep a daily routine and adhere to properly physical exercise. This can improve blood circulation, promote the excretion of prostatic fluid, weaken bacterial toxins, assist drug absorption, and enhance resistance ability.
Drink more water and urinate more, flushing the urethra through urine, assisting the discharge of prostate excreta, and avoiding infection. Take a shower and change your underwear frequently to prevent bacterial infection.
Abstain from masturbation and keep a moderate sex life. This can reduce prostate congestion and edema. Keep cleaning the external genitalia and Perineum region.
Pay attention to diet, and keep a high protein and soft diet. Stay away from pepper and other stimulating foods.
Keep warm and avoid cold in the lower body, which is helpful to the recovery of prostatitis.
If a man has prostatitis, the cause may be complex. Only proper examinations can help patients know the reasons. So, men should have a good sense of self healthcare and pay attention to the combination of work and rest. When urinary symptoms occur, seek help from the hospital as soon as possible. 
Patients can choose to take the patented herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The pill will not produce drug resistance and can kill various bacteria and viruses that cause male genital diseases and pathogens such as mycoplasma and chlamydia. Therefore, it significantly affects the treatment of urinary infections such as prostatitis.
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