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How Can Abstinence or Excessive Sex Affect Your Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a common disease among males. If left untreated, it can cause a lot of trouble for men. It causes severe damage to men's body and affects their normal life and work. If not treated in time, it will lead to other complications. Therefore, males should be highly valued. 

Sex can play the role of icing on the cake to make people's life happier and sweeter. A harmonious and regular sex life can not only bring people happiness but also make people healthier. But we must pay attention to moderation, or it will significantly damage the male prostate.
Why does excessive sex hurt the male prostate?
Before we can understand that, we need to know what the prostate is. The prostatic gland is the largest substantive organ in the accessory glands of genitalia and is the gonadal organ unique to males. It can secrete prostatic fluid, maintain normal sexual function, control urination, assist ejaculation, and perform other functions, a vital male organ. 
Excessive sex can harm the male prostate because frequent sex life will make the male prostate repeatedly congested, which will affect the function of the prostate. It is easy to induce inflammation and cause prostatitis for a long-time.
Why does abstinence harm a man's prostate?
Although men in abstinence will not cause excessive prostate, if a man does not ejaculate for a long time, his seminal vesicles will remain full. This will lead to male prostatic fluid deposition, no way to normal discharge and a long time can also easily cause prostatitis. Abstinence is not a good habit. Even if there is no sexual partner, you can release yourself through other ways, at least let yourself have the behavior of ejaculation.
The prostate is a vital organ for men. It is not only involved in the operation of reproductive organs but also affects male ability and fertility. Many men know that frequent sex can cause damage to the prostate and allow themselves to be overly abstinent. But they don't know that excessive abstinence is also a fatal blow to the prostate, and both indulgence and abstinence harm the prostate.
How should men protect their prostate in daily life?

1. Don't be sedentary
Sedentary is the norm for many men at work. It is not practical to change jobs for this, but they can get out of this state through their efforts. In daily life, they should pay attention to the combination of work and rest. They should only sit in front of the computer for part of the day. They should stand up and do some activities, drink more water, or do stretching exercises.
2. Stop smoking and drinking
Smoking and drinking are not good things for men. Smoking and drinking are not good living habits and will significantly impact men's health. The harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol can stimulate a man's prostate gland and cause him to produce more prostate fluid, leading to inflammation over time. Alcohol can also make the prostate engorged. If you drink all the time, you will always have frequent congestion and also be prone to prostate disease.
3. Drink plenty of water
Many men are not in the habit of drinking more water, and they find plain water tasteless used to drink drinks. Although this is a hobby, the beverage can not hydrate the human body, making people more thirsty. If people are in a state of water shortage for a long time, prostatic fluid will be particularly concentrated and stimulate the male urethra, easy to cause male urethra infection. Drinking more water can promote the discharge of prostate secretions so that the prostate gland gets good health care and prevent various prostate diseases.
4. Cultivate the habit of exercise
Men need to get into the habit of exercising in their daily lives. Not only can they have a more robust body shape, but they also benefit the health of the prostate. They can do more strength training, especially some weight training, including squats, anal lifts, etc. These exercises increase blood circulation to the prostate and make it healthier.
In addition to daily protection, patients with prostatitis can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a traditional Chinese medicine for treating male genitourinary diseases. It can clear away heat and toxic material, activate blood and Qi, relieve pain, promote diuresis, and relieve stranguria. The treatment effect of prostatitis is very significant.
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