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Why Do Your Prostatitis Symptoms Worsen at Night?

Patients with prostatitis are generally have more apparent symptoms. The first symptom of patients is usually abnormal urination, such as urgent and frequent urination. If the disease worsens, the patient will have pain in urine, spreading to the perineum and other areas. It brings a lot of inconvenience and pain to patients' life and works. Many patients with prostatitis have this feeling that, at night, their symptoms seem to aggravate. Why is that? Is it a disease factor or a psychological factor?

First, the phenomenon may be caused by mental factors. Because people do a lot of work during the day, men can effectively distract themselves from work. However, people are tranquil in the evening, especially in the dead of night. 
In this case, the spirit is relaxed, and more people will think of their own disease, worsening the symptoms of patients. At the same time, when there are no other distractions at night, the sensory nerves are more sensitive, and the symptoms after the disease are perceived to be more severe.
In this case, the aggravation of this symptom is more caused by a mental factor. Men can jog at night to effectively divert their attention. At the same time, warm water sitting bath can be carried out at night to relieve patients' symptoms effectively. Besides, men can perform prostate massage once weekly, effectively removing inflammatory secretions. 
But don't push too hard, or men may cause secondary damage to the prostate. What is more, pay attention to the hygiene of your hands when doing a massage. It is best to consult a doctor in a specialized hospital.
After men have prostatitis, they will experience urgent and painful urination, pain in urine, endless urine, and urine waiting. Urine drops white and a series of other urinary tract symptoms. Besides, they will also have a night urine frequency, severely affecting their normal sleep. When men frequently get up to urine, they unconsciously feel that their illness is worsening. In addition, sleep at night requires a long period of repose, which is easy to compress the prostate, causing symptoms to worsen.
For prostatitis, patients need to do a good job of active and effective treatment. They have to classify prostatitis well to know the best method of treatment. To treat bacterial prostatitis, men must use strong antibiotics for treatment. To treat non-bacterial prostatitis, men combine with α receptor blockers and herbal medicine to control symptoms and avoid aggravated problems at night. With the symptoms under control, patients' nighttime urine issues should disappear. 
Men should avoid the blind use of medicine, which can not cure symptoms and may aggravate the disease and delay treatment. During the treatment of prostatitis, men need to drink more water, have more urination, avoid being sedentary, and not hold urine. Moreover, sexual life should not be frequent, which may aggravate symptoms.
The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice for male patients plagued by prostatitis. If patients find that antibiotics are ineffective in relieving their symptoms, or their symptoms are chronic or non-bacterial, they can try this herbal medicine.
This pill can simultaneously act on the urinary and reproductive systems to eliminate inflammation. It can eliminate the symptoms associated with prostatitis in the patient's body without harming the body. Male patients should try this herbal medicine.
In addition, patients need to maintain a normal attitude toward prostatitis. As a stubborn disease in the male department, patients will not cure easily and quickly, so they should be prepared psychologically. Don't aggravate the illness because of mental tension.
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