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A Truth or a Lie: Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Infertility?

The main reason for chronic prostatitis is that men are sedentary and do not have a regular lifestyle. Also, fatigue, late nights, and excessive sex can cause prostatitis. 

Is it the truth or a lie that chronic prostatitis causes infertility?
We all know that 90% of a man's semen is prostate fluid, and 10% is sperm. The prostate provides the environment and nutrition for sperm to survive. Especially after repeated attacks of chronic prostatitis, it can inhibit sperm vitality and affect the quality of semen. So, chronic prostatitis can affect the fertility of the patient.
Chronic prostatitis can lead to infertility because it affects sperm. It is mainly reflected in the following:

It affects semen composition. 
Sperm activity needs nutritional supplements; the nutrients are in the seminal plasma. If you have chronic prostatitis, seminal plasma composition will be mixed with some bacteria, inflammatory cells, etc., and lactic acid substances will increase. When the bacterial toxins and metabolites are discharged from the seminal plasma, the environment for sperm survival is destroyed, leading to a decrease in sperm vitality and affecting normal fertility.
It affects the volume of semen.
The average male ejaculates about 2-5 ml per ejaculation, which is almost negligible due to the small volume occupied by sperm. About 40% of this semen volume is the fluid secreted by the prostate gland. When men have prostatitis, seminal plasma secretion will be reduced, which is not conducive to sperm survival and activity, thus affecting normal fertilization.
It affects sperm density.
Chronic prostatitis can lead to an increase in seminal plasma volume and a consequent decrease in sperm density. If the sperm is diluted and the sperm density is low, you may suffer from oligospermia, which affects fertility.

It can lead to sperm transport disorders.
Chronic prostatitis predisposes to other diseases of the reproductive system, such as chronic epididymitis and epididymal fibrosis, which tend to form nodules and ejaculatory duct obstruction, causing changes in the output duct. All these conditions can lead to obstruction of sperm transport and difficulty in expelling semen. If complete obstructive azoospermia occurs, it can also lead to male infertility.
As mentioned above, chronic prostatitis can affect the fertility of patients.
Prostatitis is common and frequently occurs in men. The current understanding of its causes is not very clear, coupled with its special anatomical structure and frequent occurrence of sexual activity in the population and other reasons, the treatment of it is not very easy. But, as long as patients build up the confidence to overcome the disease and work closely with the doctor, it is possible to cure prostatitis and start a new life.
It is better for patients with fertility requirements to choose traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) because it can not only cure diseases but also regulate the body. TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has apparent effects in treating chronic prostatitis. It does not produce drug resistance and can completely cure chronic prostatitis without recurrence.
Men's health is not only a personal problem but also affects family harmony and life happiness. Therefore, men should also know how to care for themselves and master the relevant knowledge of prostatitis to have effective prevention, care, treatment, and a better life.
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