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How to Supplement Vitamins for Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis refers to chronic inflammation of prostate tissue caused by various etiologies. It is the most common disease in urology. It includes chronic bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis. 

Among them, chronic bacterial prostatitis is mainly a pathogen infection, especially retrograde infection, and the pathogen is mainly Staphylococcus. There is often a history of recurrent urinary tract infections or persistent pathogenic bacteria in prostate massage solutions. 
Non-bacterial prostatitis is a complex pathological change involving inflammation, immunity, and neuroendocrine caused by various complex causes. It leads to diseases with urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain as the primary clinical manifestations and is often combined with psychosocial symptoms. The clinical manifestations are diverse. The course of the disease is slow and unhealed.
How to supplement vitamins for chronic prostatitis?
For chronic prostate patients, vitamins A.C and E can be supplemented appropriately. Vitamin A can promote protein synthesis, accelerate cell division, and stimulate the growth of new cells. Vitamin C has anti-pathological and detoxifying effects and enhances the body's immunity. Vitamin E can regulate gonadal function and enhance sperm vitality, so patients with chronic prostatitis must pay attention to the balance of vitamin supplementation, which is good for prostate health. These vitamins are widely found in green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, animal liver, vegetable oils, and other foods.
Chronic prostatitis can eat more vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, and other foods.
1. Vegetables: Common vegetables include cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, rapeseed, cabbage, etc.
2. Fruits: Common fruits include apples, bananas, dragon fruits, kiwifruit, etc.
3. Coarse grains: Common coarse grains include sweet potatoes, yam, corn, oats, etc.
Patients with chronic prostatitis eat more than more food daily, which can keep the stool unobstructed and reduce the occurrence of constipation. Patients with chronic prostatitis should pay attention to balanced nutrition every day. They should not only eat a single food for a long time but should match a variety of ingredients to provide the body with various nutritional needs. However, patients with chronic prostatitis are not recommended to eat too many spicy and irritating foods, such as chili, leeks, onions, etc.
In addition, the daily conditioning of patients with chronic prostatitis mainly pays attention to the following two points:
I. Supplement high-quality protein
Protein is an important raw material for the synthesis of semen. Supplementing more high-quality protein in the daily diet is the main aspect of the daily recovery of chronic prostatitis. Eat lean meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, and soy products. It is best to use steaming, boiling, and stir-frying methods to avoid nutritional losses caused by high temperatures.
II. Mineral food is essential
Iron deficiency may lead to fatigue, weakness, wheezing and paleness after sexual intercourse. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis should pay attention to iron supplementation. In addition, trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, chromium and selenium are also components of semen that have a special effect on stimulating sperm vitality. These ingredients can be consumed in green leafy vegetables.
In addition, drugs are mainly needed for treating the disease, and antibacterial drugs are preferred. You can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment if accompanied by urination discomfort. During the illness, you should rest more, restrain your sex life, exercise appropriately, and avoid standing for a long time.
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