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Chronic Prostatitis: Its Detrimental Impact on Semen Quality

With the development of society, the pace of life quickens, work pressure increases, and the incidence of male infertility increase gradually. According to statistics, the incidence of male infertility reached 7.5 percent in 2018. Changes in semen quality are the most common causes, accounting for 31 percent.



As an essential part of semen (about 30%), prostatic fluid change significantly impacts semen quality. Prostatitis is naturally to blame. As we all know, prostatitis is a common disease in men, and chronic prostatitis is the most common clinically.


Studies have found that patients with chronic prostatitis are accompanied mainly by changes in semen quality. Many of these patients found out that they had prostatitis when they attended their wives to the fertility center for prostatic fluid and semen tests.


How does chronic prostatitis affect sperm quality?


1. Genital tract obstruction. In the semen (mostly prostatic fluid) of patients with chronic prostatitis complicated with infertility, researchers found that the levels of inflammatory factors TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-6 increased significantly, resulting in local stromal hyperplasia of the prostate gland, oppression of the secretory and ejaculatory ducts and poor secretion, resulting in genital tract obstruction.


2. Autoimmune reaction. Prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) is a substance that is synthesized and secreted by mature prostate epithelial cells and involved in sperm metabolism and immune regulation.


And in the semen of infertility patients with prostatitis, PAP content was significantly reduced. Reduced PAP may trigger an autoimmune response, causing the body's antibodies to kill sperm, thus reducing sperm motility.


3. Zinc deficiency. Zinc (Zn) is the essential trace element secreted by the prostate gland and is closely related to the motility of sperm. Zinc deficiency not only reduces sperm motility but also reduces superoxide dismutase levels, leading to an increase in oxygen free radicals, which in turn reduces semen's antioxidant toxicity.


4. prostatitis can also affect the pH balance of semen, increase the acidity of semen, kill sperm, and reduce male fertility.


5. Changes in sperm density and semen volume. During chronic inflammation, semen production is reduced, affecting sperm survival and movement. The amount of semen sometimes increases, and reducing sperm density and diluting sperm can also affect sperm quality.


Patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to eliminate inflammation, reducing the impact on sperm quality.


6. Pituitary axis changes. Patients with chronic prostatitis, especially those who have not been treated for a long time, often present with insomnia and dreaminess, dizziness, forgetfulness, inattention, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms, which can cause changes in the pituitary axis and lead to apoptosis of germ cells and sperm, thus significantly affecting sperm quality.


How to improve sperm quality?


1. Take vitamin supplements. Vitamins can maintain male reproductive health, especially vitamin e. Thus, men who want to improve the quality of sperm can eat more fruits, vegetables, and other vitamin-rich food.


2. Supplement protein and arginine. Protein and arginine are components of sperm, so if you want to improve the quality of sperm, you should eat lean meat, fish and shrimp, soy products, sea cucumber, and other foods rich in these nutrients.


3. Add zinc. Usually, eating more zinc-rich food also helps to improve the quality of sperm so that men can eat more seafood, animal viscera, etc.


4. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the private parts, wash the foreskin and scrotum with warm water every day, and help to improve the quality of sperm. But when cleaning private parts with water, we must pay attention to the water temperature can not be too high so as not to harm the health of testicles, thereby harming sperm.


5. Stay away from electronics. Electronic products can hurt semen. Thus, usually used mobile phones, computers, and other electronic products can't be put in the pants pocket because being too close to the testicles will result in semen injury.


6. Strengthen physical exercise. If men want to improve sperm quality, they should pay attention to strengthening physical activity, such as running in the morning, playing a dozen badminton, and taking a walk in the evening, which can promote blood circulation of the testicles and improve the quality of sperm. Insisting on exercise can avoid excessive body obesity and prevent groin temperature from rising and affecting sperm quality.



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