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Why Can't Patients With Prostatitis Catch Colds?

Cold impacts the prostate, especially the local cold of the prostate, which can cause the contraction of the prostate and cause vasodilation. Cold can cause the sympathetic nerve activity of the prostate, which can increase the pressure in the urethra and hinder excretion. The prostate tube also hinders excretion due to contraction, causing siltation and congestion, which may cause prostatitis or aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

Men have prostatitis, especially young men, which is caused by colds, overwork, urinary system inflammation, and other reasons. Once the symptoms of prostatitis occur, if you catch a cold again, it will lead to the decline of the body's immunity, causing bacterial infection and easily leading to the aggravation of inflammation. 
Therefore, it is necessary to prevent or treat prostatitis. Because the prostate is rich in adrenal receptors, it is easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitation when it gets cold, which causes adrenal contraction, increases the pressure in the urethra, and affects urination, aggravating the symptoms of prostatitis.
Therefore, patients with prostatitis should pay attention to local warming in daily life, which is helpful for treatment. Taking a warm bath is the best way to relieve prostatitis. A warm bath can relieve prostate tension and some uncomfortable symptoms. And taking a bath can help you keep your private place clean and reduce the breeding of some bacteria and germs.
For patients with prostatitis, in addition to not catching a cold, many aspects need to be paid attention to in nursing. For example, prevent the occurrence of defecation, not holding urine, preventing the bladder from filling and swelling, causing weakness in urination, leading to local pressure increase and blood flow obstruction, aggravating the symptoms, as well as not being able to sit for a long time, not smoking and drinking excessively.
Avoid spicy food in your daily diet. Although this kind of food does not directly cause prostatitis, alcohol, chili, and other foods can stimulate the prostate and urethra, which can cause temporary perineal discomfort. It will not cause blood vessel dilation and lead to congestion and edema of the prostate and bladder neck, reducing the prostate's resistance and thus causing prostatitis or aggravating symptoms.
Try to relax as much as possible. Too urgent or lazy and irregular lifestyle can harm your health, and too much life pressure will increase the probability of prostate enlargement. Therefore, it is best to relax and grasp life at ordinary times, not keep yourself in a tight and high-pressure environment for a long time, and try to relax.
Be abstemious about sex. Whether single young people or married men, it is essential to grasp the sex life or the degree of masturbation. No matter what kind of sexual lifestyle, keeping moderate is the key. Because too often, it is easy to cause the prostate to be in a state of hyperemia and swelling, especially for many young men with strong sexual desire. Therefore, if you want to protect your prostate, it is best to grasp the degree, not to indulge, and not to abstain.
How is prostatitis treated?
For recurrent prostatitis, choosing appropriate drugs and persisting in treatment is necessary to cure it effectively. The patent medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill significantly affect recurrent prostatitis. 
On the one hand, its effects of clearing heat, detoxicating, diuresis, and purging gonorrhea can effectively eliminate inflammatory infection and improve the patient's urethral discomfort; 
On the other hand, it can promote prostate blood circulation, effectively relieve hyperemia and edema, and relieve pain and discomfort in patients. 
Moreover, it is safe and has no side effects. Adhering to medication can eliminate symptoms and recuperate the patient's body, enhance immunity, and prevent the recurrence of prostatitis.
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