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How Does Yoga Relieve Prostatitis And Pelvic Pain?

Yoga cannot treat prostatitis but has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on chronic prostatitis. Practicing yoga is very effective in improving prostatitis. You can choose yoga to treat prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome(CPPS).

Yoga is a fitness method from ancient India. Long-term exercise can strengthen the body, relieve anxiety, and improve sleep. Traditional yoga attaches great importance to the role of the "submarine wheel," Some even say that if you get the calm of the undersea wheel, you will get the peace of the soul. The part of the undersea wheel is equivalent to the position of the pelvic floor nerve muscle group in modern medicine, so relaxation and stretching exercises on this part can greatly relieve CPPS. 
Yoga can relieve prostatitis and pelvic pain, but you must choose the right action. There are many benefits of practicing yoga. The most important thing is that you can strengthen your body by practicing yoga and get the effective effect of losing weight. When practicing yoga, you must choose the most suitable time.
Yoga movements that are beneficial to treat prostatitis:
Leg back stretching
Efficacy: Improve blood circulation. It delivers additional oxygenated blood to the pelvis, thus energizing the uterus, bladder, and prostate. Some ancient yogis believe that practicing yoga can also treat impotence.
Bundle horn type
Efficacy: This is a good practice for pregnant women and people with urinary system disorders.
The bundle horn type additionally increases blood flow to the lower back, waist, and pelvis. It can help eliminate testicular pain, promote the health of the bladder, prostate, and kidneys, and prevent hernia.
Fish King (spine torsion)
Efficacy: This is an excellent effect on the spinal nerve and the whole nervous system. More than that, practicing this movement can also exercise your waist and back muscles.
Cobra style
Efficacy: It can soften the spine. By putting pressure on the kidneys, the blood in the kidneys can be accumulated out. After recovery, the blood surges back to the kidneys, which helps to wash away the precipitation of stones in the kidneys and prevent and reduce kidney stones.
Efficacy: Improve the flexibility of the knee and hip joints, and promote blood circulation in the pelvis, abdomen, and lower back. Effectively maintain the health of the kidneys, prostate, uterus, and bladder.
When practicing the column, the point is: "Turn your feet as close as possible to the perineum with your hands and put the soles of your feet up. But don't leave the heel on the ground. Open the chest cavity, and keep breathing evenly.
Cat yoga
Efficacy: The whole movement of cat yoga is like that of a cat stretching and bending, so it is named after it. It can fully expand the back and spine and helps improve blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, eliminating pain and fatigue.
This action is generally to kneeling on the ground, inhaling while raising the hips, bending the waist to form an arc, and then exhaling. While slowly arching the backup, face down first, and then look at the thigh, repeat the three steps, then straighten the back again, and then continue to repeat. This action is conducive to relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.
Using yoga and other methods to relieve prostatitis and pelvic pain, the movements are actually diverse. No matter which kind of action is used, as long as it can promote blood circulation in the pelvis, increase the muscle strength of the pelvic floor muscles, and coordinate the nerves of the pelvis, the symptoms of prostatitis can be improved. If prostatitis occurs, it is not recommended to abuse drugs or take treatment measures alone. It is recommended to go to a local regular hospital for a detailed examination, clarify the diagnosis, judge the type, and then treat it under the guidance of a professional doctor.
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