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Will Constipation and Prostatitis Affect Each Other?

Prostatitis is related to constipation, and constipation can cause prostatitis. Prostatitis and constipation affect each other. Long-term constipation will cause adverse effects on the prostate, which will cause prostatitis.

The position of the prostate is close to the rectum, and there are only a few loose connective tissues around the prostate to separate the prostate and rectum. The stools of patients with constipation are relatively dry and hard. If the patient is constipated for a long time, the dry stool will cause a certain degree of compression to the prostate, leading to poor blood circulation of the prostate, which will cause prostatitis.
Some patients with constipation will increase colorectal motility by pressing or rubbing the belly during bowel movements, promoting intestinal circulation and accelerating feces discharge. This method will increase abdominal pressure and easily squeeze the prostate, thereby inducing inflammation.
Most prostatitis patients have urinary tract irritation symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria. Some patients have chronic pelvic pain. Severe patients also have symptoms of sexual dysfunction and neurasthenia.
Generally speaking, prostatitis does not directly lead to constipation. However, some pain caused by acute prostatitis or an enlarged prostate can affect the excretion of the rectum, which is rare in clinical. Because the anatomical position of the prostate is close to the rectum, severe inflammation can cause prostate enlargement and compress the rectum, which will cause difficulty in defecation. Moreover, the pain caused by prostatitis will also affect the defecation of the patient and cause constipation.
How to treat prostatitis?

1. General treatment
Moderate physical exercise can enhance disease resistance. Regulate emotions, and do not eat irritating foods such as chili. Avoid being sedentary to reduce the degree of congestion of the prostate.
2. Anti-infection treatment
Patients can take ketones and sulfa drugs, with a course of treatment for 6-8 weeks. Even non-bacterial chronic prostatitis must be anti-infection for four weeks.
3. Relieve pain and relieve muscle spasms
Mainly use non-steroidal drugs to eliminate pain. Flavonoids, Amitriptyline, microwaves, and infrared methods have a certain effect.
4. Improve the abnormal stones
Patients can choose many drugs, including pelvic floor muscle training and α receptor blockers, such as Trezidine.
5. Have antioxidant stress effects
Antioxidants or free radicals are vitamins E and C, Glutathione, Pentoxifylline, melatonin, trace element selenium, zinc, etc.
6. Herbal medicine treatment
Taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by prostatitis.
How to treat constipation?
1. Regulate constipation by diet. The diet should be light. Quit smoking and avoid eating spicy food. These foods stimulate the digestive system. Eat more fruits and fruits, and the nutritional balance can be used to raise constipation.
2. Drink a glass of water or honey water after getting up early every day to promote intestinal peristalsis, which can cause people to have a urinary intention and stimulate defecation. Develop a good mental state. Adverse psychological states and emotions can change the rhythm and amplitude of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in chronic functional constipation that is difficult to treat.
3. Moderate exercise can increase the peristalsis of the intestinal tract. Take drugs that regulate the intestinal flora, promote laxatives that promote defecation, etc., and improve constipation.
4. Increase the supply of food rich in vitamin B and try to use natural and raw food, such as coarse grains, beans, yeasts, etc., to promote intestinal peristalsis.
To sum up, constipation and prostatitis affect each other. Therefore, if patients have symptoms of constipation or prostatitis, they should go to the hospital for prompt treatment and develop good living habits.
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