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How to Eliminate Inflammatory Substances in Chronic Prostatitis?

Chronic prostatitis is the chronic inflammation of prostate tissue caused by various etiologies. It is the most common disease in urology, with urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations. One of the causes of prostatitis attacks is the accumulation of inflammatory substances in the prostate.


Inflammatory substances of the prostate gland are mainly excreted through semen. This is mainly because when the prostate is inflamed, there are many bacteria in the prostate fluid, and if the semen is not discharged, the prostate fluid will stagnate. The bacteria will continue to multiply, leading to more severe inflammation.

Emptying the prostate fluid at this time will expel bacteria, white blood cells and inflammatory substances and reduce the symptoms of prostatitis.

At the same time, semen fullness is a normal physiological phenomenon in men. If prostatitis patients have long-term abstinence and do not empty the prostate fluid, men will feel fullness and a desire to ejaculate. If the desire is not satisfied, it often leads to prolonged erection of the penis and prolonged congestion of the prostate, aggravating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

Emptying prostate fluid at this time can eliminate prostate congestion, help reduce prostate pressure, and help the condition recover.

Patients can take exercise or local massage to promote the discharge of inflammatory substances from the prostate.

When it is determined that many inflammatory secretions are trapped at the lesion, and the glandular ducts are relatively patent and capable of normal drainage, the patient can promote the discharge of the inflammatory secretions through massage, which can lead to a faster recovery than natural drainage.

Prostate massage can effectively promote prostate emptying, discharge its internal inflammatory substances, and reduce the accumulation of secretions in the prostate, thus improving the blood circulation of the prostate and promoting the absorption and resolution of inflammation.

The following is a detailed description of the precautions for prostate massage:

Avoid the wrong massage: Some patients with acute prostatitis should not use the massage method of treatment. If the massage is forced, it will likely lead to the aggravation of the condition.

Avoid self-massage: Patients with prostatitis had better not blindly self-massage. Otherwise, it will likely cause unnecessary harm to the body. It is best to go to a regular hospital to ask a professional doctor for a massage; the effect is better.

Avoid violent massage: In the prostate massage, the action must be gentle because the prostate is one of the more delicate male organs. Once the force is too violent, it will likely cause local damage.

Avoid continuous massage: For prostate massage, you should pay attention to the time interval between two massages and do not perform continuous massage.

Warm water sitz baths can also improve local blood circulation in the prostate gland, thus promoting the discharge of inflammatory substances. Transrectal or perineal heat therapy, commonly used in microwave and laser methods, can also promote the discharge of inflammatory substances.

It should be reminded that due to individual differences and the degree of illness of each person, infected prostatitis should be timely treated, according to the results of the hospital examination of the symptomatic use of medication. Patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to eliminate symptoms and causes and completely cure prostatitis. 

At the same time, they should also maintain healthy rest and eating habits in their daily life. Male patients should not hold urine, wear tight clothes as little as possible, avoid sedentary, exercise regularly, try to drink more water to help the body's metabolism and develop healthy habits, and care for their health.

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