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The causes and rick factors of chronic prostatitis

 A large number of men are haunted by frequent urine and urinary urgency. Sometimes lower abdomen pain also attacks. In simple terms, these are all symptoms of prostatitis. Causes of prostatitis are multiple. Dr.Lee is glad to introduce four inducements for chronic prostatitis.

Pathogenic microorganism infection
Various microorganism, such as protozoa, fungi, viruses, can all be source of prostate infection. Among them, bacteria is the most common one, such as neisseria gonorrhoeae and non-gonococcal.
Routes of invasion of bacteria mainly contains three:
Hematogenous infection.
Clinically, ninety percents of prostatitis are infected by microorganisms.
Lymphatic infection. Urinary tract infection and inflammation of colon and rectum can infect prostate through lymphatic.
Direct spreading. When a man urinate, urine will flow through prostate, easily, bacteria in urine can enter prostate directly. Antibiotic is recommended to be used to cute prostatitis patients. If it does not work well, traditional Chinese medicine, for example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can clear away heat and toxic material and promote blood circulation is suggested to take.
Urinary irritation
Medically, urinary irritation is considered as a chemical factor. It is a fact that there are many kinds of acidic chemicals in urine. When patients' local neuroendocrine is abnormal, urethral pressure strengthens and prostate duct openings suffers injury, irritating chemicals as uric acid can enter prostate. Consequently, prostatitis occurs. Treatment: Adjust the pH of urine and diminish inflammation.
Anxiety, depression, fear
Experts find that fifty percents of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, depression and fear. In addition, patients who have strong feeling of pain and neurasthenia are more likely to exaggerate the discomfort and pain. Usually, subjective symptoms are more serious than practical situation. This situation can be called "tension prostatitis" . However, psychological factors are often connection with age. Younger patients usually burden heavier pressure. Obviously, in such case, drug therapy can be absolutely affected.
Those who think symptoms increased because of psychological factors should be also treated with psychotherapy. Patients ought to know that keeping a good state of mind, immersing yourselves in work and participating in and colorful spare time life are beneficial to the treatment.
Immunological factors or allergy
Studies have shown that chronic prostatitis has something to do with autoimmune factors. Some experts have found "anti-prostate antibody" in arthritis. Those patients are always with congenital or acquired immune deficiency. If there is no bacteria, virus or chlamydia infection, patients can take immunological factors as a inducement.
Plus, allergic reactions of some viruses can lead to inflammation as well. Especially for people whose resistance are low. Such men have a higher risk of prostatitis.

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