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Do You Know The Factors That May Cause Prostate Pain?

Nowadays, more and more males are troubled by prostate problems. Prostate pain is one of a typical symptoms that caused by prostate problems such as prostatitis. This condition usually caused by various of causative organisms, such as viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, spirochetes, fungi, trichomoniasis, etc. Besides, some non-pathogenic bacteria in the urinary system will also cause this condition when the immunity is weak. Prostate pain caused by bacteria can be treated with Chinese herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which contains herbs that have anti-bacterial properties. The herbal formula won’t develop drug resistance or other side effects. Though prostate pain can be cured by this herbal medicine, patients still should know the factors that may cause this condition. 


prostate pain
Factors that may cause prostate pain  
1. Inadequate water intake. Health experts commonly recommend that the average person should drink eight glasses of water per day which equals about 2000mL. However, some men only drink water when they feel thirsty, which resulting in the accumulation of toxic substances in the urine. The backflow of these toxic substances will cause prostatitis and the person will have pain in prostate.  
2. Long-term constipation. The posterior lobe of prostate clings to the rectum, when a man is living with long-term constipation, the stool in rectum will press forward to squeeze the prostate. Thus, the blood flow of prostate will be blocked and then cause prostate problems. What’s worse, the toxins caused by constipation will lead to systemic dysfunction and weaken the immunity.  
3. Consumption of too much alcohol. The blood capillaries throughout the body will be congestive when a man drinking alcohol, which cause mild edema and the prostate is no exception. The prostate pain will be caused if there is edema in prostate.   
4. Long-term sitting. Men who need to sit for a long period time because of work are at higher risk of getting prostate problems, including drivers and office workers. Sitting for a long time will oppress the prostate and perineum and block the blood flow. 
5. Eating too much spicy and irritating foods. These foods will irritate the alimentary canal and lead to urinary tract congestion, then induce constipation. It will make the prostate inflamed.     
Men should pay more attention to the factors mentioned above. When a man feels pain in prostate and is diagnosed with prostatitis, a timely and proper treatment is needed. As herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is effective in treating this condition, male patients can use this medicine to get a complete cure. 

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