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13 Best Home Remedies For Treating Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation in prostate gland. Roughly 5 to 10 percent of prostatitis cases are caused by a bacterial infection, unluckily, most of cases are without a known cause, which is one of the reasons why prostatitis is difficult to cure.    

Prostatitis can cause many unbearable symptoms, including discomfort, pain, or aching in the testicles or the area between the testicles, discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, urgent or frequent urination, pain or burning sensation when urinating, lack of libido, premature or painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. These symptoms will seriously reduce patients’ life quality. However, patients can utilize 13 best home remedies for treating prostatitis.
treating prostatitis
• Drink a large amount of water: It helps to clear away harmful waste and toxins and keep the urinary tract clean. 
Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages: The symptoms will be exacerbated as these can irritate the prostate and bladder. 
Consume tomatoes regularly: It contains antioxidants that help fight bacterial infection. It also contains bioflavonoid lycopene, which helps decrease the frequent urination. 
• Pumpkin seeds: They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are vital for maintaining the health of the prostate.   
• Goldenseal: It has powerful antibacterial and antibiotic properties which can provide good benefits on reducing inflammations of prostate gland. 
• Carrot juice: It can help to absorb the lycopene in tomatoes and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It is an excellent remedy to take it twice a day for prostatitis and other prostate diseases.  
• Sesames: Sesames are help in reducing the inflammation and relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. 
• Saw Palmetto: It is a herb that rich in phytosterols and fatty acids. Its anti-inflammatory properties can work well on alleviating the pain associated with prostatitis.
• Watermelon seeds: Watermelon seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids that is helpful in maintaining the pH level in the urinary tract and bladder so as to keep a healthy prostate.
• Consume red grapes and red berries regularly: Red grapes and red berries both contain lycopene which can maintain the health of the prostate and reduce the inflammation. 
• Consume foods that are rich in fiber: High-fiber foods include fruits and vegetables, which are helpful to keep the prostate healthy. 
• Cranberries: They are rich in antioxidants and other natural compounds effective for treatment of urinary tract disorders. 
• Control stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety need to be controlled well as they may worsening the symptoms. 
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