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Prevention of Recurring Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a difficult-to-treat disease with high recurrent rate. Western medicine like antibiotics usually can’t cure it completely as  antibiotics have very poor penetration of the prostate. This treatment can only provide a temporary relief. Many patients have been suffering from recurring prostatitis for several years due to not paying attention to the lifestyle changes. The prevention of recurring prostatitis is very important as it can help patients get  rid of this miserable condition.

recurring prostatitis


How to prevent recurring prostatitis? 

1. Practise safe sexual life. Some men use pull-out method to prevent pregnancy. In fact, it is an unreliable and risky form of contraception, which will induce prostatitis. It’s necessary to avoid this birth control method.  Besides, avoiding excessive sexual intercourse is also very important. Study shows that it is safe to have sex one or two times a week. Besides, men should also attach much importance to the personal hygiene and clean the genitals every day.
2. Keep regular lifestyle and develop good living habits. To avoid the decrease of the immunity, men should prevent excessive fatigue. Taking more exercise like tai chi and jogging. These can help to improve the blood flow of prostate and enhance the resistance of the body.
3. Keep a proper diet. Adding more foods that are rich in vitamins to the meals is helpful, such as fruits and vegetables. As some irritating foods may induce prostatitis symptoms, men should avoid these foods such as spicy and greasy foods, alcohol, nicotine, caffeinated beverages, red meat, artificial sweeteners, etc.
4. Drink plenty of water. Drink more water can help to flush out the urethra and discharge the prostate secretion. Thus, the bacteria in prostate can also be flushed out  so as to prevent recurring prostatitis. Do not hold back urine, otherwise, the urine reflux will lead to retrograde infection.     
5. For patients who have got a complete cure of prostatitis, taking warm sitz bath every night is helpful to improve the blood flow of prostate and prevent the recurrence. The duration and temperature of the sitz bath should be controlled strictly as the scrotum needs a environment with low temperature. It may lead to male infertility if the temperature is too high.
6. Avoid long-term sitting and long-distance driving and cycling. The constant pressure on the prostate can aggravate the prostate congestion. Therefore, men need to avoid these risk factors. 
There is no evidence that proves prostatitis links to prostate cancer, so patients have no need to be worried. It is important to pay attention to the prevention of recurring prostatitis, so that men can get a full recovery. For patients who are still suffering from prostatitis, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good treatment option. It contains guiding herbs that can guide other herbs penetrate prostate. Thus, the deeper inflammation can also be removed. Combining this herbal medicine with proper lifestyle changes, patients can get rid of prostatitis completely. 

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