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Prostatitis and sexual function

You have to admit that sex plays an important role in hrmonious relations between husband and wife indeed. However, sometimes men are very passive in this issue. Because prosate is a factor that can damp all the enthusiasm. 

Wuhan Dr.Lee indicated that one harm of prostatitis is sexual dysfunction. In patients who were troubled with sexual dysfunction, most of them suffered from varying degrees of prostatitis. So, please don’t give chance to prostatitis of ruining your sex life.   
Small as prostate is, it features prominently in human reproductive system and sexual function. Normally, prostate secretion is about 0.5 to 2 ml. It increases when men get sexual excited. As a matter of fact, prostate fluid accounts for thirty percent of semen. In prostate fluid, there is fuctose, semen factors, prostaglandins, proteins, lipids, acid phosphatase enzyme, which provides energy for sperm activity. From this, we know that prostate fluid is of great importance to quantity and motility of sperm. In a word, health of prostate sometimes can decide sexual function. 
Porstatitis can be divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. 
Symptoms of acute prostatitis are: discomfort in perineum; apparent dull pain in lower abdomen(this pain can ridiate to lumbosacral portion, penis, thighs bottom); frequent urine, urinary urgency, odynuria, hematuria; fever, aches and pains and exhaustion; large amount of leucocyte in urine. 
Manifestations of chronic prostitis are various clinically. In fact, chronic prostatitis is the development of acute bacterial prostatitis. Most patients do not experience history of acute prostatitis. Almost all patients have varying degrees urinary tract system symtoms such as odynuria, urinary urgency, frequent urine(even at night); white mucus after urination; discomfort or pain in perineum, crissum, pubis, lower abdomen, lumbosacral portion, groin, scrotum, femoribus internus, testicle, urethra, etc.   
Prostatitis is not a rare disease in men, which can be commonly found in men at the age of 40 to 50. Many people can only feel changes in sexual function at the early stage. Only when the condition becomes server, local discomfort and urinary tract irritation symptoms will occur. For chronic prostatitis, the sexual function change is primarily embodies in sexual hypoesthesia, which hugely affect patients’ sex life. A lot of elderly men who suffer from this sexual function change usually misunderstand it as a reflection of consenescence, which causes illness delay.   
But for chronic prostatitis who are in serious conditions, chronic inflammation can lead to atrophy of gland and dysendocrisiasis. Gradually, it can cause impotence. In addition, phenomenona like priapism and spermatorrhea can be induced by inflammation irritation of low-level center. On one hand, this abnormal excitement of low-level center can increase times of erection and spermatorrhea, which causes repeated prostate congestion and aggravate the conditions. On the other hand, it is able to abstract activities of high-level center and cause neurasthenia. As a result, suffers are often sleepy and in low spirits. At the same time, owing to inflammation response surrouding the gland, during the intercourse, sensitivity of sexual stimulation increases. This always lead to no orgasm and even premature ejaculation. As will be readily seen, manifestation of chronic prostatitis usually shows in disordered sex activity.  
Prevention of prostatitis is very necessary for men. Once a man suffers from this disease, it can hamper his sex life.
Several tips are given below to help men prevent from prostatitis.
Holding back urine is not a wise thing; 
We advacate moderate and regular sex life; 
Sedentariness is not a perfect choice for office workers; 
Please avoid catching a cold; 
Remove all infections near prostate area;
Less spicy food and more frozen bean curd, honey and Zinc preparation;
Adjust gonadal hormone to develop immunity from disease.
Do not abuse drugs, follow the doctor’s advice.
Hip baths, drawing abdomen and lifting up anus are benefieial.

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