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Will Prostatitis Affect Male Fertility?

Nowadays, more and more males are infected with prostatitis. As a common disease in men, it is difficult to cure. If the treatment is not effective, prostatitis symptoms will easy to recur and severely reduce patients’ life quality. According to the statistics, nearly 90% prostatitis cases are caused with no infection and the exact cause is unknown. Many patients concern about prostatitis symptoms will affect the fertility.    



What are the symptoms of prostatitis?  

1. Discomfort during urination.
Prostatitis can cause urinary symptoms, such as frequent and urgent urination, burning sensation when urinating, difficulty urinating, weak urine flow, etc.  
2. Pain  
It can cause pain in lower back, urethra, perineum, penis, spermatic cord, testicle, scrotum, lower abdomen, groin area (thigh root), thigh, rectum, etc.  

3. Sexul dysfunction  
Chronic prostatitis can lead to sexual dysfunction, such as reduction of sexual drive, painful ejaculation, premature ejaculation. The condition may also affect the sperm quality and cause blood in semen.
4. Mental problems 
Chronic prostatitis will induce mental problems, including dizziness, anxiety, and insomnia. 
Prostatitis patients have to live with these symptoms for many years. And some young patients are afraid of the long-term effect of this condition as the inflammation will affect the sperm quality. Prostate fluid is the main component of semen, the inflammation in prostate will directly affect the prostate fluid and them reduce the sperm quality. Will prostatitis affect male fertility? The answer is yes. 
Prostate fluid accounts for 25%~33% of semen, once the prostate is affected, it will influence the sperm quality and then lead to male infertility. Prostatitis is one of the main reasons among men with infertility.  
To reduce the damages to the reproductive system, patients who are diagnosed with prostatitis should pay more attention to the treatment. A safe and stable treatment is needed as prostatitis usually lasts for months or years. Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice as it is made from natural herbs with no side effects. This medicine has been used for several years and it has helped many sufferers come back to their normal life.      

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