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What's the suggest on treating epididymitis and chlamydia?

Epididymitis is the inflammation of epididymis, which is the tube that carries sperm away from the testicles. Epididymitis is one of the common genital inflammations of men. When there is a chlamydia infection, chlamydia trachomatis may infect the epididymitis and cause a epididymitis. The chance of getting a chlamydial epididymitis is much higher if the infection has been left untreated.

Patients wich chlamydial epididymitis may suffer from both chlamydia and epididymitis symptoms. As knotting may possibly form in the epididymitis, it should be treated as soon as possible once it is diagnosed. Even it doesn't cause pain on every patient, the knotting itself is very difficult to be treated. 
Chlamydia is always treated with antibiotics, but treating chlamydial epididymitis is much more difficult than treating chlamydia because antibiotics have got a higher fail rate in treating both chlamydia and epididymitis. 
It is suggested by Dr. Lee Xiaoping from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic that once chlamydial epididymitis is diagnosed, they should take herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat it. Even antibiotics can treat this, the fail rate is not low. Once the antibiotics fail in treating chlamydial epididymitis, the patient may be resistant to that antibiotics after using it. And the longer the history is, the chance is higher in developing epididymis knotting. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as Dr. Lee's patented herbal remedy, has been used in her clinic for over years. It has successfully cured many patients with chlamydial epididymitis and the successful rate is higher than 90% according to the clinical data. Most patients get cured after three to four months medication, for those who have developed epididymis knotting, it may take one or two months longer. It has been experienced by many sufferers that they have their diseases finally cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill after trying many antibiotics and being bothered by the symptoms for long.

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