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Serveral ways to prevent prostatitis

Prostatitis can be treated by antibiotic, massage, pain killer and herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Every kind of treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should choose the right treatment according your own condition.

Preventing prostatitis is also an important duty of men, because work and live can be affected greatly. How to get away from prostatitis? It will be  helpful if you take more exercises, because exercise can strengthen physique, improve resistance and immune. Here also are some other ways for men to far away from this disease:
No holding urine
Urine contains lots of Acid alkaline chemicals. When patients'part never out of work, the high pressure of urinary track and the injures on the orifice can make the Acid alkaline chemicals return to prostatitis, and lead to chronic prostatitis, so do no holding urine, please urinate when having feelings.
No bad living habit
Bad living habits including Drinking, eating fatty food can make heat and toxic materials stay and congestion.
No pressure
Please don't pressure your perineum part, so horse riding, bike riding, long time sitting are forbidden, because them can make your perineum hurt and congestion again and again.
No wrong massage
If you don't know the actual reason of your prostatitis, you'd better not take massage to cure your prostatitis, because improper massage also can make your prostate congest and aggravate the symptoms.
The above for aspects are the preventions of prostatitis. If you want far away from prostatitis, only knowing them isn't enough, you also have to keep doing. If you failed in the prevention period, you should choose a treatment. 

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