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How to treat necrospermia, azoospermia and male infertility(2)

The bacteria excrete large quantity of acid substances in the tractus genitalis, which will reduce the PH value of male tractus genitalis, and cause acid intoxication to the sperms. Also, the bacteria reproduction will consume large quantity of oxygen, which will make sperms die due to oxygen deficit.

We can conclude that urethritis can possibly cause prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis, epididymis tuberculosis, blockage in testicular ducts, or obstruction in ejaculatory duct or seminal duct, which results in obstructive necrospermia and azoospermia.

3) The diagnosis of obstructive azoospermia


The main symptoms of obstructive azoospermia are reduction in ejaculatory amount, seminal plasma is negtive and its PH value appears acidic. Expansion of the seminal vesicle is found via Transrectal ultrasonography.

The typical clinical manifestations include: the testicular volume is normal, epididymides become enlarged and hardened, nodules appear in epididymides or seminal duct. If the patients who are striken by severe necrospermia or azoospermia have normal testicular volume and endocrine, the ejaculatory duct is very probably obstructed.

4) Simultaneous treatment of prostatitis, orchitis and seminal vesiculitis with Chinese patent medicine

After realizing the philosophy that necrospermia is caused by prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis and orchitis, what we have to do is to radically cure prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis and orchitis, and completely kill the bacteria, thus we can cure necrospermia.

During the process to cure prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis and orchitis by traditional Chinese medicine, firstly we learn the treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and then determine the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs; after that, we combine Western medicine's inspection result with traditional Chinese medicine's theories, and use more complete Chinese medicinal formulae to achieve the magic curative effect to cure necrospermia by curing prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis and orchitis:

Prostatitis, orchitis and seminal vesiculitis result from the cross-infection of the same pathogenic bacteria, that's to say, once a position ( the prostate gland, testicle or seminal vesicle) is infected by bacteria or viruses, the other two positions will be infected by the same kind of bacteria or visuses.

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