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Cure Prostatisis, Orchitis and Vesiculitis at the Same Time

Definition of prostatitis
Prostatitis is the general term used to describe prostate inflammation (-itis). Because the term is so general, it does not adequately describe the range of abnormalities that can be associated with prostate inflammation. Therefore, four types of prostatitis are recognized.
Definition of orchitis
Orchitis: Inflammation of the testis (male sex organ). There are many causes of inflammation of the testis including infections (such as mumps), diseases (such as polyarteritis nodosa), or injury. Also called orchiditis.
Definition of vesiculitis
Vesiculitis: Inflammation of a vesicle, and particularly of the seminal vesicles behind the male bladder.

Why can we cure prostatitis, orchitis and vesiculitis at the same time?
Prostate, orchis,and seminal vesicle are physiologically close to each other in human body. Once one part is infected, the infection spread to other organs near by. If only eliminate the inflammatory of one organ, other inflammatory may cause previous inflammatory again. According to traditional Chinese medicine therapy, the medication of prostatitis, orchitis and vesiculitis are the same. By eliminating all the inflammatory, the disease is cured.

How can we cure prostatitis, orchitis, and vesiculitis at the same time?
"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill",developed by Dr. Lee's Clinic with many years of clinical studies and researches, is an effective medicine to cure prostatitis, orchitis, and vesiculitis.And she have already applied for the national patent and the application number of this medicine is 200910157894.The recipe of this medicine has efficacy on activating blood and resolving stasis, clearing heat and relieving toxicity. If the patients take this medicine, the symptoms will be alleviated notably in a few days. Three to four months or so, the symptoms of those diseases will be clearly eliminated.

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