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Cure Chronic Prostatitis with Chinese medicine

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is an uncommon illness in which there is an ongoing bacterial infection in the prostate. Chronic bacterial prostatitis generally causes no symptoms, however, on occasion; the low grade infection may flare and be associated with a bladder infection.


Meanwhile, chronic bacterial prostatitis may cause a plenty of complications, such as glandular cystitis, orchitis and vesiculitis. Because those organs are physiologically close to each other,. Since one organ is infected, bacteria spread and infect other organs. As a result, no matter what symptoms chronic bacterial prostatitis cause or there is no symptoms, it must be cured rapidly.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of all kinds of prostatitis are the same because they all are a kind of inflammatory. By means of eliminating the infection of related organs, the diseases is cured.


The application of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" that is to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, combined with alexipharmic can bring to normal the increment of epididymis and spermatophore, edema hypertrophy and hyperplasia of prostate. Besides, the testis efferent duct, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct can be dredged; bulging pain of the patients be eliminated. And prostatitis, vesiculitis, testicular inflammation, dead azoospermia, male infertility etc. can be cured.


"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill",developed by Dr. Lee's Clinic with many years of clinical studies and researches, is an effective medicine to cure prostatitis, orchitis, and vesiculitis.And she have already applied for the national patent and the application number of this medicine is 200910157894.The recipe of this medicine has efficacy on activating blood and resolving stasis, clearing heat and relieving toxicity. If the patients take this medicine, the symptoms will be alleviated notably in a few days. Three to four months or so, the symptoms of those diseases including prostatitis will be clearly eliminated.

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