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Prostate Cancer Control

Prostate cancer (prostatic carcinoma, short for PCa) is the most common malignant tumor of the male reproductive system. It would probably caused by prostatitis. The morbidity increase as age increases. The morbidity is different all over the world and it is hgher in the U.S.and European countries. It is reported that its death rate are very high, which is next to the highest death rate cancer - lung cancer. Even there is a lower morbidity in China, however, because of population aging, and the improvement of diagnosing methods, such as radioimmunoassay of acid phosphatase, test of lactate dehydrogenase in the prostate fluid, E.B of rectum, CT exam, improvement of prostatic trocar, make the diagnose of prostate cancer become more and more early and the morbidity of prostate cancer increase.

 At present, according to the prostate cancer stage, treatment options are as follow:

For the prostate cancer that occur in prostate hyperplasia, the symptoms and lesion are polytropic but with good differentiation. Most of the patients have a stable condition or of low progression, and only 1% of them would die because of prostate cancer. Because the prognosis is good, the doctor generally do not advocate an immediate radical surgery or radiotherapy of the prostate, endocrine therapy. There would be a regular follow-up, do some the rectal examination and ultrasound, and test blood acid phosphatase. Early prostate cancer patient can use Chinese medicine to control their prostate cancer development.

Doctor Lee have made the following analysis according to a foreign report that there are some sort of nutrition elements around the tumor: that class of nutrition in human body is evenly distributed, but they is not only a higher concentration of the nutrition in the body of patients, but also gather around the tumor and never found in other organs or tissues. It indicates that that class of nutrition are essential for the growth of tumor. After years of research and study, Doctor Lee add an anti-cancer medicine into the anti-cancer traditional Chinese recipe. It can integrate with that kind of nutrition on the sells of tumor , in order to stop tumor from absorb the nutrition. Since the cancer cells can no longer grow because the lack of the nutrition, the growth of the tumor is under control. 

 Scientific research shows that the anticancer ability of the body is enormous. If they are mobilized properly, the function and ability of it would increase to almost 10 times. Moreover, regulating the body's immune by keeping the internal balance is without any side effects. Without losing any normal sells, we can implement target the therapy to cancer cells. Traditional Chinese Medicine has incomparable advantages in regulating the body Yin and Yang balance (immune balance). Doctor Lee have concluded two decades of experience in the clinical treatment of malignant tumors, and have selected a variety of valuable refined medicines and processed them into a medicine that can balance the immunity. It is proven that the medicine can improve immunity effectively.It has got a permanent and obvious function of releasing symptoms of prostate cancer. By keeping internal balance of Yin and Yang, keep a health environment for the growth of normal cells, preventing from the growth of cancer cells, the recurrence of prostate cancer and transfer reduce. Meabwhile, it can effectively reduce the side effects (such as hair loss, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.) of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drug, to enhance radiotherapy and chemotherapy effects, bring rapid improvement of patients with fast adjustment of blood backing to normal.

Traditional Chinese medicine has no drug resistance, can treat the disease until it is radically cured. This is the unique advantage of Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill. Therefore, the prostate cancer patients do not need to worry about the pain after making surgery's and disadvantageous responses after takin massive antibiotics again. Taking Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill won't bring any side effects and it is very safe.

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