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Comparison of Prostatitis Treatments

Most patients are not satisfied of the current international treatment of chronic prostatitis. There are a lot of treatments of chronic prostatitis, and it is special phenomenon comparing with other diseases. Common methods used to cure prostatitis are: antibiotics physical therapy, a-receptor group delay agent, repeated the prostate massage, muscle relaxants, botanical medicine and so on. 

Traditional treatment: As there is a tough texture on the surface of the prostate capsule, in particular, and the lesion has become blocked or become the cause of calcification, blood circulation in prostate is poor. General oral treatment or intravenous use drugs, including western medicine, antibiotics, plant medicine and so on, which can not penetrate the lipid membrane preparations and other barriers. So they can not eliminate the causes of the pathogen. Pathogen in the body will lead to repeated attacks permanently.

Systemic antibiotic therapy:

Systemic antibiotic treatment on the patients who do not form jams prostatitis are sort of effective. On the patients with calcification who have become blocked in the prostate, because drugs can not easily enter into the prostate, it will not achieve the effect of treating the disease. And the long-term medication would cause drug resistance, and damage the liver, kidney, gastrointestinal and other organs. That would cause irregular flora, which would increase endogenous chances of infection.

Traditional injection within the prostate:

The traditional injection within the prostate on some patients with persistent prostatitis would have a certain effect, but the high technical requirements, operational problems, the patient feeling pain and being able to damage to the prostate, are all its disadvantages. What is more, it has no funtion in eliminating inflammation in seminal vesicle, vas deferens, testis, etc.

Urethral catheter perfusion technique:

Urinary catheter perfusion have a therapeutic effect on the patients who do not form a plug in prostate.However, if the prostate gland and urinary excretion after the opening hole is blocked, drugs can not get into the glands as well.What is more, it has no funtion in eliminating inflammation in seminal vesicle, vas deferens, testis, etc.

Recurrent prostate massage:

Recurrent prostate massage help to prevent from prostate blockage , but it will not have much effect on the patients who have formed significant blockage and calcification in the ptostate. It can not cure the disease, can only perform as the adjuvant therapy.

Harm of prostatitis is huge and terrible, therefore, it is suggested that the patients should take treatment promptly under instructions of doctors. Doctor Lee is an excellent Traditional Chinese doctor in Wuhan. She has researched the medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for many years which has applied for national patent, and the patent number is :200910157894.The medicine has an significant effective on prostatitis, male infertility.  Like food, traditional Chinese medicines are derived from natural minerals, plants, and animals, and of side effects. Chinese medicine has no resistance, so patients can continue to take the medicine till the diseases is radically cured. This is the unique advantage of Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi and stop pain, in order to kill bacteria and eliminate inflammatoin and cure the disease in the end.

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