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Treat Prostatitis with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

To cure the prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has specially good effect.


Prostatitis is a commonly encountered disease among males between twenty and fifty, which be acute or chronic. Generally, acute prostatitis refers to acute bacterial prostatitis, and chronic prostatitis refers to chronic bacterial prostatitis, nonbacterial prostatitis and prostatodynia. To a great extent, prostatitis can be prevented from turning chronic if it can be cured in its acute stage.


1.A summarize of acute prostatitis:

Acute prostatitis: acute prostatitis is a frequently and commonly encountered disease among male adults, which is secondary to infection, such as urethritis, cystitis. Pathogene invades glandular organ and causes engorgement, turgidness and pyogenesis, which is featured with abrupt fever, aversion to cold, frequent micturition, urgency of micturition, painful micturition, pain in perineum and anus. Some patients, who are sensitive to western antibiotics, in early stage take antibiotics timely can get recovery, however, some others get little improvement and even get prostate abscess or turn acute prostatitis to chronic, which could cause fertility issues. Take traditional Chinese medicine-Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, 3 months to get the routine test of prostatitis back to normal; 4 months to get the routine test of semen analysis back to normal and achieve the magic curative effect to cure male infertility.


2. Causes of acute prostatitis:

Acute prostatitia is always secondary to inflammation of urinary system, genital system and other organs. 60% of the prostatitic patients suffer from the vesiculitis at the same time. While curing the prostatitis, the vesiculitis can be cured simultaneously.

Routes of the bacterial invasion of the prostate:

• The spread of posterior urethra infection: it is a common infection route. Posterior urethra infection gets the bacteria into the glandular organs via the prostatid ducts. Transurethral instrumental examination or mechanotherapy, such as urethral catheterization, urethral dilatation and cystoscopy, as well as upper urinary tract infection can make it possible to get the bacteria into the prostate and spermatophore via the posterior urethra.

• Hematogenous infection: usually, it is secondary to acute infection of skin, tonsil, hypodontia, intestinal tract or respiratory tract. Bacteria flow into the prostate and spermatophore as the blood circulates through the body.

• Lymph infection: the inflammation in the lower urinary tract and colon can through the lymphatic to infect the prostate and spermatophore.

• Other infections: the prostatitis can be induced by any activity that leads to the congestion of prostate, such as drinking beyond capacity, catching cold, injury of perineum and exceeded sexual life.


3. Clinical symptoms of acute prostatitis:

• Abrupt fever and aversion to cold, frequent micturition, urgency of micturition, painful micturition, pain in perineum and anus.

• Someone who gets severe acute prostatitis may suffer from sustained fever, obnubilation, drop of blood pressure, and even show toxic shock.

• Urinary retention may occur occasionally


4 Accessory examination of acute prostatitis:

• Blood routine examination

• Urethral secretions examination or prostatic fluid smear chromoscopy and germiculture

• Routine urine examination

• Three-glass test


5. Diagnosis of acute prostatitis:

• Whether have the following symptoms as shivering, high fever, general malaise, nausea and vomitting or not.

• Have obvious symptoms of frequent micturition, urgency of micturition and painful micturition, if worse, dysuria or even acute urinary retention might be caused.

• The perineum has heavy feeling and bearing-down pain, which can reach the partes sacralis, making it feel tenesmic to defecate.In digital rectal examination, the prostate swells and has obvious tenderness.

• After the prostate forms an abscess, it suffers from local softness and can not stand a rubdown.The number of white blood cell increases.

Every herbs of traditional Chinese medicine has peculiar function. Diuretic and Anti- inflammatory Pill can cure prostatitis. 1 month to allay straining feeling and pain, and relieve urethral symptoms, all of which can be removed if treatment can be adhered.


6. Ways to cure prostatitis:

The prostatitis is caused by damp and hot accumulate knot and in lower-Jiao, depression of liver Qi, and poor circulation of Qi-blood. While the circulation of blood can bring nutrition and oxygen to the prostate, the damp-heat in lower-Jiao obstructs the functional activity of Qi and leads to obstruction of Qi-blood in meridian and collateral. Patients have external symptoms of testicular pain, straining feeling in perineum, hypogastralgia, pain in groin and inner thigh; and internal symptoms of prostate edema, prostatauxe, glandular tube obstruction, tumidness and pyogenesis caused by stagnation of Qi-blood. Traditional Chinese medicine-Diuretic and Anti -inflammatory Pill has herbs to cure prostatitis which can promote Qi-blood circulation to remove blood stasis, disperse stagnated liver Qi and relieve pain, meanwhile, reach the purpose of resisting hyperplasia, detumescence, dredging glandular tube and evacuating of pus. The medicine-Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has strong power to detoxifying and killing bacteria, can achieve the effect of sterilization in 5 to 10 days. Traditional Chinese medicine takes it for granted that the damn-heat in lower-Jiao causes symptoms of inflammation and pain in meatus urinarius, suppuration, dribbling, frequent micturition, urgency of micturition and painful micturition, hematuria,endless micturition, frequent micturition at night, slender urinary stream and decreased force of urination. The Diuretic and Anti -inflammatory Pill has efficacy in inducing diuresis fro treating strangurtiato to achieve the effect of eliminating symptoms of urethral diseases and getting rid of the toxin calculated in the prostate.


The Diuretic and Anti -inflammatory Pill has magic curative effect and 100% effective rate in curing prostatitis and any prostatic pathological changes. The medicine, which has no toxic side effects, solves the worldwide medical problem of the resistance to the treatment and recurrence of prostatitis.

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