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The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Hydrocele

Causes of hydrocele

Hydrocele is often caused by orchitis, epididymitis, toaumas or tumors. Some of hydrocele are caused by abnormal latch of protal processus vaginails of peritoneum. Hydrocele includes hydrocele of the testis, funicularhydrocele, communicating hydrocele, and hydrocele of the testis is the most common one.
Symptoms and signs of hydrocele
A hydrocele is characterized as a non-painful, soft swelling of the scrotum (one or both sides). The result of transillumination test is positive. The tunica vaginalis can be impaled and we can extract fluid from it. Cmmunicating hydrocele has the feature of lessening when lying low. Funicularhydrocele can lead to a hydrocyst, and the testis and epididymis can be touched under the hydrocyst. 
Hydrocele of the testis commonly occur on one side of the testis, and the main feature is the enlargement of scrotum at one side. If the hydrops is much, patients can feel it''''s heavy after standing for a long time. The surface of scrotum is often smooth and relective. Secondary hydrocele often have orchitis and epididymitis'''' symptoms. Long-term hydrocele can cause a functional disorder of the testis and even infertility.
Treatment of hydrocele with TCM
Severe hydrocele have many bad influences of daily life, so patients need to take treatment positively. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat orchitis and epididymitis when treat hydrocele. Before the treatment, the symptoms and causes, such as orchitis and epididymitis, should be found. In the treatment of hydrocele with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, bacteria can be killed first. With herbs which can treat the inflammation, promote Qi and release pain, and the herbs which can clear away heat and toxic material, the lesion can be eliminated. Traditional Chinese medicine which have complex recipe have a comprehensive function in eliminating all symptoms, and hydrocele can be cured radically.

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