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How to Cure Infertility Caused by Prostatitis

How does Prostatitis Influence Fertility

1 The secretion of prostate fluid decrease on men with prostatitis. As a result, the activity and survival rate of sperm is influenced.

2 When the bacteria which infect the prostate is breeding, they secrete harmful material which damage sperm.

3 Vast nutrition is needed for the bacteria breeding, so the nutrition which are necessary for sperm living decreases. The quantity of sperm reduces.

4 Lots of acid elements are discharged by bacteria while they are breeding. The decrease of PH in genital tract, so acidosis occurs on sperm.

5 A mass of oxygen is consumed by bacteria, so there is no enough oxygen for the sperm.

6 Symptoms of prostatitis such as pain would make patients be depressed. Such depression some times occur with the lose of confidence. Bad mood, depression and lack of confidence while having intercourses often lead to ED or premature ejaculation, which make it feel worse.

How to Cure Infertility Caused by Prostatitis

To treat infertility caused by prostatitis, prostatitis must be cured.

By killing bacteria, promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi, tonify kidney, and some other means, prostatitis can be cured with proper prescription of traditional Chinese medicine. Only compound traditional Chinese medicine has such effect.

While the bacteria is killed, the secretion of prostate fluid and the activity of sperm can get back to normal. As long as prostatitis is cured, no pain make patients suffer any longer. Without the bother of pain and the lack of positive mood, patients will have normal sexual intercourses again.

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