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The Causes and Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment of Pros

1. Excessive sexul life, interruption during a copulation, riding, longtime sitting and standing obstruct the circulation of qi and blood and lead to prostate engorgement, prostate edema, prostatauxe and prostatic hyperplasia, which cause nonbacterial prostatitis. Traditional Chinese medicine "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, resisting to hyperplasia, fibrosis and calcify, reducing edema and alleviating pain, eliminating pathological process, and at last cure nonbacterial prostatitis.

2.Microorganism infection: all kinds of microorganisms, like bacrerium, protozoa, mucedine, viruses, pathogene, mycoplasma, chlamydia, infect urethra and causes urethritis. The means that bacteria invade the urethra also includes hematogenous infection and lymph infection. Lower urinary tract organ, colon and rectitis can also infect the prostate through infecting the lymph, and the bacteria in the urethra can cause infection of the prostate directly. Traditional Chinese medicine - "
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" cures nonbacterial prostatitis by adding in heat-clearing and detoxifying drug which can kill all kinds of bacreria, viruses, and turn pathogenes, mycoplasmas and chlamydias negative, elimilates original symptoms.

3. Obstruction of dampness and heat in lower abdomen: while the test of nonbacterial prostatitis shows that it is sterile growth, patients indicate symptoms of yellowing of furred tongue and urine, which traditional Chinese medicine takes for obstruction of dampness and heat in lower abdomen. Traditional Chinese medicine - "
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" detoxifies heat and clears away damp and heat in lower abdomen, achieving the purpose of curing nonbacterial prostatitis.

4. Irritation of urine: the urine cantains varieties of acidic and alkaline chemical substances. When patients suffer from endocrine dyscrasia in local nerveleads to hypertonia in posterior urethra and injury in jaw opening of prostatid ducts, uric acid and many other irritating chemical substances flow back to the prostate, which induces chronic prostatitis. Traditional Chinese medicine - "
Diuretic and Anti- inflammatory Pill" adds in diuretic herbs which can elimilate urethral stimulant symptoms and, to cure prostatitis.

5.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it hurts the liver if being depressed. Those who suffers from obstructed oliver-Qi indicates anxiou, depressed, and afeard. The prostate is at the place of liver channel in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Theobstruction of the oliver-Qi may induce nonbacterial prostatitis, which represents in obstrution of Qi and blood, testicular pain, straining feeling in perineum, inguinal pain, hypogastralgia and so on. Paitients who suffered from nonbacterial prostatitis indicates symptoms of being anxious depressed, afeard and pessimistic. To this point, Traditional Chinese medicine "
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" can achieves the purpose of curing depression and prostatitis simultaneously, as it adds in herbs which have the efficacy of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis and activating Qi, and are effective in dispersing the depressed liver-energy, regulating the flow of Qi and resisting to depression.

6.Self immunity cause: chronic prostatitis has something to do with self-immunity. People suffer from this kind of disease because their innate or postnatal immune deficiency leads the body to produce antiprostaglandin which causes prostatic tissue damage. If a patient has no infection of bacteria, viruses, and pathogenes, he should take self immunity cause into consideration. Clinically, a anaphylactic reaction to some virus may also cause inflammation, especially in cases of those who have low organism immunity. They have strong sensibility to viruses, which indeces chronic prostatitis easily. "
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" cures the prostatitis to the ill, thereupon advances immunologic function of organism.

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