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Advantages of TCM Treatments to Prostatitis

Male patients who have got the prostatitis must tell doctors concrete situations and do some relative checks to make sure what the real pathogeny is. That is the correct method to face the disease. So, the advantages of TCM will be instructed as follow:

1. Minor side effect and drug tolerance: actually, the long history of taking one kind of antibiotic will make the body produce the drug tolerance. Furthermore, many antibiotics have serious side effects to liver and kidney. In fact, the large dose and long period are bad to human health. On the contrary, the TCM treatments will not produce drug tolerance and generally speaking, will not have side effects to human body and organs.

2. The strong bactericidal power: because of the special anatomic structure, many antibiotics cannot diffuse to the interior of prostate or cannot form certain concentration in the prostate. Moreover, the antibiotics are inefficient to some bacteria, such as mycoplasma and chlamydia. But, from large amounts of clinical observations, the TCM can penetrate into the tissues of prostate effectively and control and kill the malgenic animalcules directly.

3. The wonderful comprehensive treatment ability: actually, the WM is hard to solve problems, such as prostate`s blood vessel obstruction and tissue fibrosis. On the contrary, the TCM can achieve good effects. On one hand, the TCM can clear away heat and toxic material, on the other hand, the TCM can promote local blood circulation by take the drug for invigorating blood circulation and eliminating stasis. Specifically speaking, the TCM can adjust ph value of succus prostaticus and improve functional situation of prostate. Moreover, there are some special traditional remedies which can assist the treatments of prostatitis, such as smoking and cleaning of private parts, local applying, acupuncture and massage.

Generally speaking, the long term incurable of prostatitis will influence male reproductive function. After the patient has got prostatitis, the long-term discomfort of private parts will produce huge mental pressures. For the youth who has got the prostatitis, it is easy to produce many negative moods, such as tension, depressed mood and lack of confident. In the long run, patient`s sexual appetite will decrease and form sexual dysfunction. As a result, patient should receive professional guidance and accept the correct remedy of prostatitis as soon as possible. The "Diuresis and Anti-inflammatory Pill" can achieve extraordinary effects to cure prostatitis, cystospermitis, orchitis, epididymitis and male infertility. Detailedly, this pill can kill bacteria, eliminate inflammations and relieve pain. As long as watching your diet strictly and accepting three months treatments, the ureaplasma urealyticum, mycoplasma hominis, and chlamydozoa trachomatis will turn negative. And different kinds of bacteria and viruses can be killed; all the prostate and semen items will become normal.

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