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Acute Prostatitis and Treatment

Acute prostatitis causes in concept of tcm  


1  Down-flow of Damp-heat


Major symptoms: intermittent fevers and chills when occurring first, rapid progress, frequent micturation, urinary urgency with inhibited voiding, burning sensation and stinging pains in the urethra, or visible bloody urine, falling-like distension or pains of the perineum, dry mouth, a bitter taste in the sticky mouth, constipation, distension and pains in the lower abdomen, red tongue, yellow and slimy tongue coating, soggy and rapid pulse.


Treatment Principle: Clear heat and promote diuresis, separate the clear from the turbid and resolve the turbid-dampness.


2 Deficiency of Kidney Qi cause Intense Heat and Exuberant Toxin


Major symptoms: Sudden onset, persistent high fever, vexation, unrest, thirst, liking drinks, reddening, swelling, heat and pains of the perineum, scanty urine, obstructed urination, or urine with visible pus and blood, burning sensation and pains in the urethra, constipation, red tongue, yellowish tongue coating, rapid and string-like pulse.


Therapeutic principle: discharge heat and resolve toxin. Reinforce the kidney and resolve the turbid-dampness


Successful case

Personal info of the patient


Name: Mr. Wu, Age: 25, Time: May 20, 2010, Address: Henan Province.


Western diagnosis of his condition: acute prostatitis and orchitis.

Major symptoms

Twenty days ago, Mr. Wu suddenly had such symptoms as frequent and urgent urination, dysuria, red and swelling glans and urtication due to unclean sex.


Previous treatments


As he knew he got a social disease, he didn't dare to to tell his family about his disease. He alone went to a specialist hospital in Beijing to treat his disease. He received the treatment with infusion ( the drug is unknown) and physical therapy as well. But 4 days of treatment had little effect, he left this hospital and went to another hospital in Shi jiazhuang. He also received the same treatment and ten days later, the symptoms were significantly alleviated and he had no apparent pain, then he returned to his work site in Henan Province.

Some day his symptoms suddenly became serious due to drinking wine and intaking of pepper. He had serious abdominal pain, burning and painful urination, pain in groin, lymph node swelling, apparent tenderness, testicular swelling, general malaise, accompanied by high fever of 38.5 centigrade. He went to a local hospital and was treated for one day, but the symptoms couldn't be controlled and became worse. He couldn't fall asleep all night because of great pain. Western detection showed that lecithin had two plus signs, and white blood cells had four plus signs. His condition was diagnosed as acute prostatitis and orchitis.

 TCM treatment

He learned that "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" developed by Dr. Lee can treat prostatitis, and then he came to me for help. I asked him to take "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" to treat acute prostatitis and orchitis. What is more, as the patient had high fever, I asked him to decoct 100 grams of gypsum and 10 grans of rhizoma anemarrhenae and drink them to fight fever.

 During the first two days of treatment, he called me by phone 4 times a day to weep out his agony from disease. He was worried about his illness. I asked him to increase the dosage of medicine. ( Since traditional Chinese medicine is herbal medicine, the dosage could be increased when the symptoms are very serious.). Four days later, the patient calmed down. He made an evening phone call to tell me his symptoms were alleviated. After ten days of treatment, the symptoms were completely eliminated and he was cured. Then I asked him to take another fifteen days of treatment to consolidate curative effect.

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