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An Alternative Prostatitis Treatment In San Bay Area

 It is indeed never early for any man to start thinking about one of the most harrowing issues, the health of his prostate. As a matter of fact, prostate dysfunctions happen in the later stage like in their 50′s and even more, but often younger males can have prostate troubles, and this is particularly common amongst men who has a history of prostate dysfunction running in the family. Although pain killers and antibiotics offer temporary relief, but to reduce the risk of prostate enlargement and it is time to look for alternative therapies, which can address to the root cause of the problem while offering you the best prevention against prostate cancer.

With the growth of the concept of drug free treatment nowadays alternative medicine has gained importance and in healing conditions like prostate enlargement or other varied types of prostate dysfunctions, prostatitis treatment in San Bay Area has gained immense significance.One effective method is known as the therapeutic prostate message and is a pretty sought after prostatitis treatment in San Francisco famed for its drugless way of healing prostate problems, naturally. Also known as milking the prostates, this is basically atype of message which stimulates the prostate gland.
The history of this therapeutic treatment has its origin deeply rooted in the ancient world cultures, particularly in the orient. Yes, you got it straight? traditionally the purpose of the prostate message was typically to turn the man into an extravagant and excellent lover. And in the historical annals of the oriental record, every King, Shah and the Sultan with a harem, usually had a private doctor to perform the prostate massage to keep him in the perfect health.
In today’s alternative therapy and treatment prostate message has been advocated as one of the most successful treatments for chronic prostatitis, prostate disorders,infertility, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) and other varied health problems.Still the logical mind tends to ask questions, what the science behind the prostate massage is and why at all it is so very much beneficial for the man’s health! Let’s delve deeper beyond the surface level and look into the anatomy of the prostate gland.
Anatomically the prostate gland is somewhat surrounded by an array of nerves and vessels and the gland is ideally connected to the autonomic nervous system through many inner organs. Indirectly the gland is again connected to the brain through the blood hormones, released by the testes and the pituitary gland (indeed not a hyperbole when the prostate gland is referred to as “the second heart of man”).Clinically when the prostate is in a healthy condition, it continues to send healthy message to the pituitary and in turn the pituitary gland sends messages to other glandslike the testicles, thyroid, adrenal and many more, which helps men in reproducing.Quite as an immediate result men experience abundant energy, stamina, and mental clarity.
On the other hand it is when infection, inflammation, and prostate congestion block the passages then prostatic fluids starts accumulating at the small sacks. As we all know these fluids inside the small sacks become quite an easy target for many microbes,viruses and yeasts which causes the inflammation of the prostatitis. And the collected toxic fluids expand the prostate also irritates the nervous branches and causes pain and tightness. It is when the prostate is filled up with the congested fluids, the message that it sends to the pituitary is to prevent the reproductive process. Again as an immediate result the libido and the testosterone levels go down and man become weak, starts aging faster and also gains weight.

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