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How to Protect Your Prostate Gland in Daily Life

Drink more water - thick urine would irritate the prostate gland and cause prostate problems. It is suggested to drink more water at daytime and less at night.

Be relax - Pressure and being negative is always bad for your body.

Warm hip bath - This would leisure the tense of prostate and muscles, and promote blood circulation. Warm hip bath and soft prostate massage can protect the prostate from diseases.


Clean perineum area frequently - There are lots of drapes at male perineum area. With sweats in clothes, that can be a good place for bacteria to breed. Bacteria may pass the urine and infect the prostate if it is unclean at the perineum area.

Keep warm in cold days - Cold may increase the excitation of nerves, which may cause the increase of internal pressure of urethra. In this condition, urine flow back to bladder. So try to always keep warm especially in winter, and do not sit on cold rocks when you're outside.

Reduce rub - Rub at perineum may cause prostate congestion. Riding bicycle or motorcycle, wearing tight underwears should be avoided.

Decrease alcohol and spicies - This should be known by everyone. Drink some wine per day can be good for healthy people, but never be drunk.

Frequent exercise - Walk or stroll is never enough, that makes little sense. The exercise that can make you sweat can be good.

Never hold back urine - Holding back urine is not only bad for the bladder, but also do harm to prostate. So go urine when you have the feeling.

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