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Cure Chronic Prostatitis - What Doctors Do Not Tell You

 My numerous Specialist Physician consultations over the years have included wildly different diagnoses based a lot more on guesswork than exhaustive, commonsense tests. And also the prescription panacea often defaults to repeat oral antibiotics, with the Doctor’s usual last words simply being “this is some thing you’ll just need to live with” or “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you”.

After several years of trudging from one Prostatitis Doctor to another searching for a cure, I have started to realise a thing I really should have seen a lengthy time ago. When it comes to Prostatitis, I know much more about the subject than the “expert” treating me.
The real tragedy though this is happening is that Prostatitis inevitably worsens, and along with that the life standard of the now chronic Prostatitis sufferer declines. As the many years pass, ever increasing levels of pain, depression and financial hardship creep in. The sufferer normally becomes desperate at this stage and pursues far more radical treatment regimes with wildly diverse moods of hope and despair.
All of the while a thing far more sinister is happening.. the sufferer’s immune system is being slowly compromised by the recurrent infections and the repeated use of antibiotics. The pathogens causing the Prostatitis mutate with every antibiotics course and grow to be stronger. As they become more powerful and as each antibiotic, one after another, turns into an ineffective medicine, the sufferer’s general condition worsens, and so the hopes of a cure becomes much more distant each day.
Traditional Prostatitis care techniques in Western countries do not work. Period. And it seems that nothing is currently being performed to change this terrible state of affairs. Men with Prostatitis and women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease have been placed within the “too challenging basket” in the Western medical industry. Yet, you can find individual Doctors scattered around the world who are working outside the box with strategies that make sense, and some of which accomplish impressive results. Go to one of the leading practitioners at Prostatitis Cure and read about their work. It comes across as currently being quite logical and sensible, but please do not hold your breath for the Western Medical sector to emulate it any time soon.
The only effective way of curing Chronic Prostatitis is Chinese herbs. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has been proved to be effective on curing prostatitis. It is totally natural and safe and more gentle to people body.  The "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" has many different kinds of ingredients, such as plantago seed, pink herb, armstrong, talc, pberetima, seaweed, kelp, pangolin etc. Chinese herbs has more magic effect than what western people think. 

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