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What are the functions of herbs for prostatitis treatment?

Men in middle age would discuss prostatitis most commonly. Plenty of men are suffering prostatitis symptoms. Even many young men are suffering this condition. Suffering prostatitis is painful as it can cause many uncomfortable feelings.

Following prostatitis symptoms are common in patients: An urge to urinate often. But you may pass only small amounts of urine; A burning pain when you urinate; A problem starting the urine stream, urinating in waves rather than in a steady stream, urine flow that is weaker than normal, and dribbling after urinating; Waking up at night to urinate often; A feeling of not completely emptying your bladder; Pain in your lower back, in the area between the testicles and anus, in the lower belly or upper thighs, or above the pubic area. Pain may be worse during a bowel movement; Some pain during or after ejaculation; Pain in the tip of your penis. 
Antibiotics can treat prostatitis but many patients can recur after taking antibiotics for some time. Antibiotics are always with their side effects. They cannot be used for a long time and may cause damage to the kidneys and liver. 
Thus, compared with antibiotics, natural herbal remedy for prostatitis could be a better choice. Many patients are curious about the functions of herbs. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a typical herbal remedy for prostatitis. In Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, materials such as polygonum aviculare, dianthus superbus, talc and plantago can clear heat and promot diuresis. Houttuynia can clear toxic materials. Safflower is able to promote blood circulation. There are also various pure herbs which can help patients improve physical conditioning in the meidicine. 
We can see the functions of herbs and can know how herbs work on prostatitis. The biggest advantage of herbal medicine for prostatitis is that it can’t cause any side effects and does’t have any drug resistance. 

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