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What are the optional treatments for prostatitis?

Prostate Massage

Generally, massage isn’t a major treatmentof prostatitis, and only a few people can take massage, because massage canpromote blood circulation and spread inflammation into other organs, so only chronicprostatitis patients can take massage as their treatment. What’s more, massageshould be done by professional, because prostate gland is fragile and easy behurt.
Medication- antibiotic
Antibiotic, typical treatment of prostatitishas excellent effect. Commonly, acute prostatitis can be cured by Antibioticwithin 4 -12 weeks. However, the curative effect in treating chronicprostatitis is weak, for the complicated structure of prostate prevent drugenter, so lots of antibiotic cannot enter infected prostate and work. What’smore, the complicated structure also makes bacteria easy to hide and hard to bekilled, which makes chronic prostatitis hard to be cured.
Herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
China,a country with long history, has its own medication system named TCM. Although TCM stillbelongs to alternative treatment over the world, TCM has more than 5000 years’history and the curative effect provided by lots of Chinese people. Diureticand Anti-inflammatory Pill as a pill of TCM has the advantages that TCM had andalso don’t have the disadvantages that western medicine doesn’t have. This pillalso can promote blood circulation and Qi, clear away heat and toxic materials,and cure chronic prostatitis within three months. 
Prostatitis also can be cured by surgery. Yourdoctor may advise surgery for you if you have swollen prostatitis that blockingthe urine flow. However, after surgery, you also have to take antibiotic andresistance infection and the recurrence rate after surgery is very high, so ifthere is no need, it is better no take surgery to cure your prostatitis.

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