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Several tips recommended to men with prostatitis

Men with prostatitis should pay much attention to eating. Or their prostatitis will become more serious because of bad eating habits. Now, Dr. Lee shares some tips for men with prostatitis.

First, less drinking
Alcohol is a drinking that can expand blood vessels, so it is common for some men to have red face after drinking. But for viscus that cannot be seen by eyes, drinking also has the same function on them. So, drinking can expand the blood vessels of prostate gland and make it easy to be infected.
Second, no spicy foods
Spicy foods like Leeks, garlic, onion, pepper and chilli also easy to make blood vessels expanding and organs congestion. Some patients who has the habit of eating spicy foods only stop eating them when symptoms are severer, which also is the cause of prostatitis.
Third, no smoking
As for smoking, everyone knows the harms of smoking except how severe the harms are. Smoking is one causes of prostatitis, for those toxic materials like nicotine, tar, nitrosamines and carbon monoxide not only can toxin prostate tissues but also can disturb the function of blood vessels, affecting blood circulation of prostate and aggravating congestion.
Prostatitis men should pay attention to the food they eat. But in addition to food, they also have to take herbal pills. Herbal pills named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation. So it can make the symptoms caused by congestion mild.

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